Be honest…

You’re a rage addict.

You’re addicted to releasing your anger and frustrations into people and things, aren’t you?

You get excited at the thought of stealing power from others, and by seeing people and things made to suffer, or be humiliated, injured, diminished and destroyed for your amusement…

Earning money, or capturing resources from an economy is a very simple concept to grasp — or at least it seems that way on the surface.

An economy is a system of trade in which idealism is used to imbue objects and symbols with authority that serves to facilitate and…

There’s no way to reach “enlightenment” — higher consciousness, inner wisdom, ascended awareness, or whatever you call it without facing and dealing with your trauma: your phobia of disempowerment, marked by insatiable appetites for power in the forms of validation, authority and acquired rage outlets.

In order to face and…

Yesterday Brother Ashbros asked some great questions on the subject of human emotions, specifically pertaining to misunderstanding and people attributing false intentions to the actions or behaviors of others.

Humans emotions are weird because some of them are based in reality, but most of them are based in idealism. Everything…

You can’t stay in character and be honest with yourself at the same time.

It’s one or the other, but never both.

Most of your misery in life is gonna come from you trying to protect, preserve and promote your identity.

Your identity is both the character you try to…

There are two main categories that people of the world fall into right now.

There are the observer-thinkers and the players.

The players are your gamer-competitors — your average minds; those who process information and reality through an outlook of scarcity.

The observer-thinkers are the aware and/or “enlightened” (or aspiring)…

“Hello out there! And welcome to the exciting game of SHOULD YOU EVEN EXIST AT ALL?! I’m your host, Reality. Today’s guests are…”

Ideologues: “Wohoo! Yeah! We’re here to win! Let’s kick ass and take names!”

Reality: “SHUT THE HELL UP!!”

Ideologues: “Bruh jealous ’cause we the best!”

Reality (sighs…

One day a large group of rowdy young people wondered deep into a mystical cave. They were drinking Hennessy, snorting coke, painting graffiti on the walls, littering and killing small creatures they happened across. They were yelling, shouting and fighting with one another.

As they got about 500 meters in…

Donald King

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.

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