And Ye Shall Know the Truth…

Perception is a bitch, aint it? Let me start by saying this… Perception is the thought process of the ego parasite.

And wait, wait… Before any of y’all get the ‘bright idea to correct me’, on some old: “You’re wrong Donald King! Perception is the capacity for sensory input!” let me just say this… Shut up. I promise you you don’t understand perception better than I do. Back to my point though…

The ego parasite doesn’t care about the human being AT ALL. Well, to be fair, it doesn’t care about the human shell beyond its exploitability…

An ego parasite will destroy a human’s body just for a shot at gaining access to substances, relationships and stimulations that will force the human body to produce chemicals for it to feed on.

Simply put, your ego does not care about you. The hive mind does not care about you either, and your ego links you into the hive mind — so you’re literally both trapped in and a part of a system that doesn’t fucking value you at all.

In fact, the hive mind doesn’t care about your ego either. All the hive mind wants from both you and your ego is labor. It could literally give two shits about either of you.

But let me get to the point of this post real quick…

When I was an adolescent and young adult, I thought I was the absolute ugliest dude in the world. I had muscles and dimples going for me, but that was about it. I hated my eyes, lips, nose, ears, etc. Each and every time a chick told me I was attractive, I was GENUINELY surprised by the compliment; and then embarrassed because I didn’t know how to take the compliment I wasn’t expecting…

So I had this goal to get plastic surgery as soon as I struck it rich, which, like young people, I assumed would happen before my late twenties, lol…

You know, I grew up hearing “big ear” this and “big lip” that, and “big nose” yada, yada, and as a result I developed body dysmorphia issues — which are a product of perception, which again, is a facet of ego.

But yeah man… I thought I was hideous. I hated my face.

It wasn’t until I was about 25, when I was talking about going under the knife to my then mother-in-law, when she asked me: “What would you change about your face?” I was like: “Well I’d thin my lips out some, and maybe get a better angle on my nose, etc, etc…”

She was like: “You have the perfect lips! It looks like somebody actually drew your lips on you. And you have perfect button nose! What are you talking about?”

And I was like: “Oh word?”

And from that day forward, I actually started looking at my face in the mirror — like, REALLY looking at it. I mean I’m not a super model or anything, but I’m certainly not the bottom of anybody’s shoe either.

And the thing is… If I had the resources to do it back then, what would that stupid voice in my head have convinced me to do to my face and body, in efforts to look more appealing to others, so as to increase my chances for gaining access to stimulations that’d force my body to produce chemicals for the parasite to feed on?

You know… I look at people like Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, Sammy Sosa and what not, and then all people who’ve undergone drastic surgeries to alter their appearances, and its absolutely insane what percpetive valuation can cause people to do to themselves, just to increase their chances for noticeability.

Everybody from folks sporting tattoos and piercings, all the way to those who inject synthol into their muscles and asses or whatever, or even get breast implants and botox are just trying to look more impressive. And I’m like: “Yo… What the fuck would I have done to myself if I had the resources to let that little voice in my head win, and get its way with me?”

Because see… That little voice was never my friend. It never told me the truth about how I looked or whether or not I was attractive, or interesting, or smart enough for anybody to like or want to be around. All that voice ever did was give grief for not being more and doing more to get access to stimulations that would force my body to produce chemicals for it to feed on.

When I was a slave to that voice, it was a cruel fucking master…


“…and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make ye free.”

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.