Defiance vs Disagreement and Noncooperation

Donald King
2 min readMar 15, 2019


I think the absolute dumbest and most useless human characteristic and personality trait is defiance.

Defiance (which includes dissent and/or contrarianism) is objecting to things on the grounds of authority.

Defiance is basically objecting to a person or thing’s authority.

It’s much different than objecting to things on grounds of reasoning, ethicalness or personal honesty. Objecting to something on these terms is either DISAGREEMENT or NONCOOPERATION.

Defiance is simply an attitude or outlook of: “I’m not gonna do what you say because you can’t make me and I don’t have to listen to you! You’re not the boss of me, and you don’t get to say how things are or must be!”

Defiance is about personal feelings towards people or things (including information and ideas) and more often than not, has little to nothing to do with reasoning or personal honesty.

There’s a difference between: “I’m not going to listen to you!”,


“I’ve listened to and considered what you’re saying, and what you’re suggesting doesn’t make sense to me for the following reasons; therefore I can’t commit to supporting your view or subsequent actions.”

Disagreement can be explained.

Defiance doesn’t require (and rarely contains) legitimate reasoning, honesty and explanantion.

Defiance is reactive.

Disagreement and noncooperation are responsive.

People who operate through the authoritarian mode are defiant.

People who operate through the budgetary mode, when or if they disagree or choose not to cooperate, are generally well-reasoned in their decisions.

Look here…

Reality doesn’t recognize or deal in authority. Authority occurs within and is limited exclusively to idealism.

Wild animals won’t spare the lives of celebrities, wealthy individuals or royalty, anymore than institutional credentials can imbue academics with mental capabilities that outperform authentic genius.

Making authority the basis for objection is being stupid for no reason at all… It’s turning objection — a tool that can be used for challenging and refining information and ideas, into a pointless competition for authority.

Stupid people are defiant.

Person 1: “I’m not going to listen to you! You’re a _________!”

Person 2: “I’m going to listen to and go with who or whatever makes the most sense. My only allegiance is to truth and reality.”



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