Everything I Do Serves A Purpose

Donald King
7 min readJul 17, 2022

Everything I do serves a purpose.

You may not understand what I’m doing at times or why, but you’re free to ask what’s up whenever you like.

Hell, if I’m being completely honest there are times when even I don’t understand why I’m doing certain things.

That just comes with the territory of sharing your body with another being though.

When you have something (a sentient intelligence separate from your own; a nonmaterial life form) performing through you there are bound to be instances in which its plans, priorities, values and agendas don’t necessarily align with or include you and yours.

The short of it is this entity can do its own thing whenever it feels like it, and I’m just kinda along for the ride.

It has the power to make executive decisions that don’t factor me, my image or wishes into them.

It’s like “Hey, we’re doing this thing now…” and I’m like “O — Okay?”

Sometimes I don’t even know why it chooses to do certain things, it just does them.

Of course, when I unpack the principles behind the direction I’m moving in, things usually make sense pretty quickly.

Sometimes I’ll find out why I, or I guess I should say “it” made a choice years after the fact…

When that happens I’m like “Oh shit! What are the odds of me doing this specific thing years ago that led to this specific outcome today?”

In such instances I realize that I’m not the one who made the choice, the thing I’m hosting did.

After all, it’s a nonmaterial life form, which means it isn’t bound by time or space, or to chains of causality happening within the body of this universe, so what appears like moving 20 steps ahead to me is just the next logical step for it.

Higher dimensional beings…

Go figure.

A lot of days I’m completely floored by shit I witness, because I’m experiencing everything in real time along with everyone else. Lots of times I’m learning through the process of teaching and/or unpacking and explaining principles.

All in all, this shit is wild AF bro, and I’m just not talented enough to be making this stuff up.

Look here…

I’m trying to stay fully transparent through this whole ordeal. I’m just as much of a spectator in all of this as everyone else, because again, prior to this being my life path I was ignorant of reality, and simply unaware of much of existence. Like most people, I didn’t process information or reality beyond the level of self-interest, so seeing or considering anything beyond me and how I’m affected by things was pretty difficult.

It’s real easy to convince yourself that you know everything when you never stop worshiping the mirror by proxy of the people, things and effects you surround yourself with, which all serve to reflect your identity back to you. It’s really easy to get lost in idealism, and as such, to forgo actually engaging with reality from outside of your experience.

But like I mentioned before, I’m writing this post for a reason…

You see, everything I do in the way of steering attention to our respective behavioral patterns isn’t meant to glorify me and vilify you. I’m not trying to make myself out to be good and others (those whose values are different from mine) bad or evil.

Everything, including my words and behavior is pattern based. There are layers of consistency that permeate throughout everything I say and do.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m simply pointing to patterns of behavior that make specific impacts on reality and others performing within it, which can be observed and measured independent of anything I say.

As a species humans have tons of literature that’s been compiled on many of the subjects I speak to, which tracks and measures many of the same patterns I’m trying to direct people’s focus toward now.

People can lie but patterns don’t. This is why I don’t require or even want anyone to believe me, I only want people to focus on and scrutinize patterns for themselves.

Principles are groups of patterns…

I write posts or share videos prolifically at times in efforts to direct your attention to patterns you can observe and scrutinize on your own towards connecting dots in reality for yourself. I’m showing you example after example of the same series and groups of patterns, towards helping you come to realize that what I’m saying is consistent with and actual within reality.

You wanna know why I do it? It’s because if how I’m describing the material realm is accurate in ways that convention simply isn’t (and make no mistake about it, I’m consistently way more accurate and concise than convention), then the odds of me being correct about the principle realm are just as high. If what I’m saying about everything over here is correct, then what I’m saying about how things work over there is more than likely correct too.

In other words, I’ve given you enough patterns and/or directed your attention to enough patterns for you to honestly arrive at the conclusion that I know what the hell I’m talking about.

Another thing I want to note…

Whenever I talk about how I am now, as a person who strives to live honestly and authentically, the only person I judge myself in comparison to is my former self. Sometimes society (the parasitic-narcissistic-corrupt mode: Satan) will overtake people’s consciousness and weaponize them against me — which is to be expected as corruption is the enemy of reality and its agents.

I mention this because whenever you see me obliterate or invalidate someone’s status beliefs what you’re witnessing is me going fisticuffs with the mode of corruption itself. It’s not me against individuals or groups, it’s me against the mode performing through individuals and groups.

However, I’m never operating from a mindset of superiority, as I’ve hosted that entity before myself.

In fact, I don’t think I’m better than anybody, it’s corruption that compels people to compete against and try to dominate, subdue and be superior to others.

I don’t thumb my nose down at anyone, only the attitudes, actions, outlooks and behaviors that people choose to protect, defend and promote, towards securing their spot in line to consume from the social troth.

I’m always critical of the same things: narcissism, competition, aggression (rage) and greed: the parasitic mind state — the recipe for becoming an active agent of corruption.

Corruption itself is disgusting. It causes the individuals and groups it takes possession of and works through to do extraordinarily disgusting things — things that no person whose mind is synched up with reality would ever think to do in a million years.

My focus is on eradicating the mode, not simply judging and punishing the vessels it manifests through. I do everything I can to caution people against attitudes, outlooks, actions and behaviors that prime them to become vessels for corruption to work through, towards being used as weapons against reality.

However, in the grand scheme of reality, humans are damn near a nonissue.

You’re not the “stars of everything” that you seem to think you are…

Humans are just virion belonging to a disease that belongs to a disease, which belongs to a disease, which ultimately represents a corrupt cellular building block of a parasitic twin, which is on the verge of being chopped up and having its neutral/healthy building blocks fused to the body of the sibling it was just attacking, cannibalizing and destroying.

It’s an all around fucked up scenario really…

Imagine somebody violated (raped, injured, destroyed, disfigured) you, and then God was like “I’m going to violently extract all of the corruption (the thing that made them do that to you) from their bodies, then chop them up and fuse their good parts to you.” Imagine having part of your assailant fuzed to you as a permanent reminder of what they did to you.

It’s like a woman having to keep and learn to love the baby of a rapist.

Like I said, if anyone knew what being an avatar entailed, I swear to God there isn’t a single person who’d sign up to do this shit.

It’s just a never-ending streak of heartbreaks.

That said, even though this issue between reality and corruption extends well above and beyond the scope of what happens here on earth (with humans and the extraterrestrials that influence and parasitically exploit them), y’all are still fully responsible for the impacts you make on reality as a system by proxy of this planet, and you will pay dearly for every mess you cause and contribute to — notably those you refuse to acknowledge, address, or make any effort to rectify, offset and clean up.

This is why narcissism gets you in trouble with God. Anything that’s too proud and too combative to recognize that it’s out of sync with and must adjust to reality simply should not exist. No system can sustain with vacuums of potential just siphoning balance, potential and life force from everything around them in efforts to benefit themselves at the system’s expense.

My work isn’t meant to attack or shame anyone, it’s designed to inform and help you all. If you take personal offense to information just because it doesn’t edify you, or align with your hopes, expectations and desires, or verify and enhance your identity — the story you tell yourself about the world around you and your place and value within it, then corruption has a stronghold on your heart, mind and spirit.

If your pride won’t allow you to consider anything but you…and why you’re right…and why you deserve attention and praise…and why you deserve to consume and be happy, then you’re an agent of Satan — you’re a narcissist: stuck in the parasitic mind state.

I’ve given you both the tools and the steps you need to take in order to rid yourself of it, and this is absolutely a “do it or else” scenario.

“And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Translation: “When your mind is synched up with what’s consistent with and actual within reality you escape from narcissism — the parasitic mind state.”



Donald King

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