Everything You Need to Know About Hell: What Humans Get Right and Wrong About It

So like many people, I always assumed hell was something that the architects of religion concocted in efforts to scare people into being good citizens. Even well into my stint as avatar, I completely dismissed the concept of hell as being nothing but an instrument for fear mongering — an ideological device that serves to extort compliance from ignorant people by weaponizing their fear of the unknown against them.

Something I should probably mention about the avatar perspective is that, oddly enough, you actually have to learn how to use this thing. I mean obviously I had to learn how to coexist, and work and live symbiotically with it, but I also had to learn how to use it too.

In terms of how it functions, just think of the avatar perspective like a macro-microscope combined with a magic movie projector, which can transform concepts and ideal structures achieved through idealism into solid objects that you can scale to any size or dimension and then explore from within, or without, or at or on any scale of plane. Added to this, it allows you to see the mechanical essence and nature of things, completely stripped down and sorted into chains of causality — which paradoxically, I’m demonstrating to you in real time as I’m writing this out. I could actually spend quite a bit of time describing all of the things the avatar perspective allows whoever its working through to do.

The greatest obstacles and/or limitations that any being hosting an avatar perspective will encounter will generally have to do with the stratification systems of the societies they’re performing within, and the complexity and general organization of the languages they’re tasked to translate principles into, and then also the limitations of the bodies they’re incased within. You have to learn how to manage multiple intake-outtake processes, which ultimately serve to keep you in sync with reality, but then also immersed within idealism enough to effectively communicate principles to beings (in my case humans) performing at different intelligence levels within the greater system of idealism.

It’s like living and managing multiple lives at the exact same time. And this doesn’t even account for what one experiences when performing on, and/or ‘casting to’ different organic scales of plane. To say this experience is utterly insane would be the understatement of existence.

But any who, I digress. So the point in mentioning all of this is to say that pretty early on in my stint as avatar, I never even bothered considering hell, or using the avatar perspective to examine hell as a principle.

My bad on that. Again, this has all been a growth and refinement process for me. I’m still growing in knowing, and learning and turning, you know?

So… what is hell then?

Well, in order to explain what hell is, we first have to understand what heaven is.

I’m going to do my best to explain this in English, because (at least so far as I’ve witnessed and experienced) this language isn’t really well-suited for capturing or conveying principles.

Alright, so the state/condition humans call heaven is actually the principle realm of the body of this universe. The universe is literally a physical organism. Every physical organism has both material and principle expressions. The material body is the physical state and being of a life form, which manifests and operates on this side of existence. The principle expression or “spirit” can most aptly be characterized as the core set of routing, reflective, refractive and grouping patterns and paths that potential takes towards emergence, and/or manifesting as various types of energy — which ultimately go(es) onto become things such as force, forms, frames and effects. The principle realm is basically the state from whence inherent or gained ‘potential’ is transformed into ‘being’.

The complexity of the physical body is staggering to say the least. Humans have been studying anatomy for centuries now, and have made great strides in terms of understanding chains of physical causality within the bodies of the respective species they’ve studied.

The spirit and/or principle expression is just as, if not, more complex and more dynamic and structured than the physical aspect of being. That is to say, there are “realms” within the principle expression of life forms, which necessarily pair with things such as organs and cellular building blocks that manifest on the material side of existence.

Again, everything in reality works mechanically — which is one of the main reasons for why idealism is fundamentally ill-equipped to understand or know reality on any level. Reality does not deal in or recognize beliefs, or interpretations, or meanings, or in perceptive valuation of any kind.

So if heaven is the spirit or principle realm of the body of this universe, then what is hell?

Well as I’ve mentioned on several occasions (and in previous works), this universe is presently under attack from a parasitic twin universe, which is burrowing into, cannibalizing and transforming (and deforming) its body. The state/condition “hell” would be the principle realm belonging to the parasitic universe. And just like the principle realm of this [host] universe, hell is and/or represents the state from whence inherent or gained ‘potential’ is transformed into ‘being’ for life forms belonging to the parasitic twin.

Like physical beings, principle expressions or “spirits” are composite life forms, which are made up of structural building blocks. Everything is divided up by and according to layers of cooperative processes happening at, on and between different scales of plane. In the same way life forms as we know them are made up of living cells, tissues, muscles, glands, organs, etc, so too are the principle expressions of being comprised of sentient collections and/or bodies of principles, which ultimately serve as layers of treatment that potential passes through towards becoming “actual” and/or material.

There’s differentiation of category, which means there are species and systems of spirits, just like there are branches of taxonomy, and ecosystems, genotypes and phenotypes of traits and characteristics, and wide varieties of cellular differentiation between building blocks — not just between species, but even within the very bodies of organisms themselves, in the measured (perceiveable) physical realm.

The principle realm of the body of the host universe is based in natural organization. The principle realm of the parasitic universe operates on the mode of corruption — as parasitism is an extension of the greater mode (or body) of corruption.

Reality and corruption are two different and mutually incompatible modes.

Systems, beings and effects that are tuned to natural organization are balanced, whole and symbiotic, whereas systems, beings and effects that are tuned by and to the mode of corruption are imbalanced, and as such, fractal, aggressive, competitive, destructive, and in a general state of disharmony and suffering — a general state and experience of “dis-ease”.

Since the principle realm of the parasitic universe is based in corruption, it lacks fundamental frames for principle organization. Without fundamental frames for principle organization, parasitism (as a mode) typically spawns structurally lacking and incomplete systems and life forms. This means that how things operate and function through the mode of corruption are wildly disorganized, notably, as compared to nature. For instance, whereas both the material and principle realms in natural organisms tend to remain separate of each other (with limited provisional overlap), and work harmoniously towards achieving and maintaining a state of balance between them, both realms in the mode of corruption, and subsequently parasitism, tend to bleed together, and as such, fail to maintain constancy, structural integrity, and balance and harmony beyond what can be achieved or sustained through control, manipulation, violence, force or coercion.

I mention this because “hell” has both material and principle elements to it, which again, bleed together, as hell is and/or represents a grand state of chaos and paradox. There’s a fundamental overlap of and/or failure to maintain distinction between the respective physical and principle realms of hell. This is one of the reasons for why phenomena such as magic, science and technology exist for humans and for other parasitic life forms performing on this scale of plane. What these disciplines ultimately represent in the grand scheme of things is a blurring of distinction between the respective realms of being.

Let’s talk about hell as a subject though. I’ve described what it is, but let’s get into how it is now…

Ironically, even though human concepts and idealizations of heaven are wildly off-target, for the most part, hell, at least so far as I can see it, is very close to how humans imagine it — which, is telling of human nature in and of itself. Hell is rooted in corruption, and runs primarily on idealism. It has stratification systems and intricate systems of exploitation (rulers, currencies and what not), much like what you’d find here on earth. All of it basically sums to a bunch of parasitic-corrupt beings, exploiting, humiliating, torturing and injuring others for their own senses of amusement, importance and satisfaction. It’s not much different from any corrupt region or prison you’d find here on earth — save bumping the levels of intensity and corruption up a few billion times…

Once a life form dies, its physical structural building blocks get absorbed back into the context from which they emerged — or as is the case with parasites, into the systems they invade and perform within; which their physical building blocks generally get rejected from, as waste material. The principle expressions or “spirits” however ultimately return to the systems the beings are emergent from and/or tuned to.

For humans that means people with balanced or neutral energy and/or spirits can be absorbed into the principle realm of the body of this [host] universe, whereas people who are corrupt have their spirits sourced back to the parasitic principle realm — which explains the difference between what religion typically refers to as “going to heaven” or “going to hell”.

Again, because parasitism is of corruption, and the principle and material realms in any corrupt life form sort of spillover and bleed into each other, there are several aspects of existence in the principle realm that have or resemble physical properties in such beings. This is important to understand, because it indicates that it is possible to not only suffer in hell, but also communicate with hell and beings that reside within hell, and create links to hell, and even serve as physical hosts to spirits from hell.

Another reason for why it’s important to understand this dynamic is because it indicates that hell is not actually the true death. That is to say, in the same way the parasitic twin universe is neither living nor dead, neither are the principle expressions that are emergent from or sourced back to it. Again, the physical and principle realms in corrupted life forms sort of spill over and bleed into each other.

This frame does well to explain phenomena such as ghosts, spirits, apparitions, demons, and on the material side, even serial killers, or genocidal maniacs, etc — beings that are trapped between life cycles, and whose remnants leave residual imprints on the experiential reality, as experienced within the body of this planet.

Remember, there are realms in hell, akin to what you’d find as organs within a body, or biospheres on a planet. Added to this, parasitic and/or corrupt principle-beings or spirits can have and maintain fleshly appetites — which explains the phenomenon humans call demons and/or demonic possession.

Hell does entail torture pain and suffering, and even being remotely linked to hell causes a life form to experience an almost base-level of torment at all times. Being connected to and/or serving as an extension of corruption, by proxy of the parasitic universe, causes beings, notably those who carry higher levels of corruption within them, to experience base levels of anguish and unsettledness at all times — which are the basis for perceptual glitches such as paranoia and narcissism.

The reason why I’m breaking all of this down is because I need you all to understand something…

You see, in a very short period of time, there will be no more hell. A bond will be formed between the parasitic twin universe and this universe — and before that bond occurs, all corrupted building blocks and life forms must be purged from existence in order for the conjoined twin to survive. Every negative impact you’ve made on and contributed to reality, by proxy of the bodies of this planet and universe, will be tallied and weighted against you, as you are headed to the true death. If your principle expression is clean, or at the very least neutral, then you will [most likely] be absorbed back into the cycle of life. If your principle expression is corrupt, then upon being sent to the true death, you, along with corruption and all agents and vessels of corruption, will be cast into a state and condition I typically refer to as “the distortion”.

In simple terms, the distortion is a system reality uses to purge corruption. It is infinitely worse than hell — and any person would choose an eternity in hell over just a few seconds in the distortion a billion out of a billion times. In fact, there’s no statistic to apply to it really. Reality is exponentially more intense than corruption in every possible way.

Through the centuries, there have been rumors and reports of occultists and secret societies that deal in magic, sorcery and “devil worship” (for lack of a better expression). I can’t know for sure to what degree any of this is true, however, I’m explaining the principles of hell to you, so that if by chance you belong to such an outfit, you at least get an opportunity to know the actual circumstance you’re facing.

Again, hell is not actually part of reality. Hell is not actually “the after life”. In reality, when beings beholden to the mode of corruption, by proxy of parasitism die, even though their principle expressions are sourced back to the parasitic universe’s principle realm, they’re never actually processed by reality itself. This means that even the most corrupt beings and rulers in hell will still have to face and settle their debts with reality when all is said and done…

Hell still runs on idealism, and as such, is beholden to the concept of justice. Reality deals in balance. Justice is happenstance and subjective, and may or may not be realized, whereas balance is absolute and inescapable. The beautiful side of balance is what we see when perceiving nature and natural organization. The bitter side of balance holds consequences for violating reality that no system of justice is capable of achieving or even conceiving of.

Again, reality is a closed, sentient and self aware system. No imbalance or source of imbalance goes unchecked, ever…

There are several groups and people who’ve given themselves to ‘doing the devil’s work’, as motivated by self and group idealism and pride. They are helping to advance corruption’s greater agenda, which is to spread destruction and imbalance within reality.

Humans have been taught that “hell” is the consequence for serving “Satan’s” (the anthropomorphic effigy of parasitism and corruption’s) designs. I want to let you know that hell ISN’T the punishment for serving corruption. The distortion is. Hell is a vacation compared to the distortion. The worst pains and penalties you could experience in hell are not even a fraction of what you’d experience from reality for working as an agent for corruption. In fact, if it were possible to, you could take every pain experienced by every person and life form in the history of the planet, multiply it by a billion, and put it all on one person to experience at one time, and make it so that they could experience the full weight of it all, and it would still infinitely pail in comparison to just a few seconds in the distortion.

Nothing created can match or best what is whole, authentic and emergent. In the grand scheme of things, corruption can never match or keep pace with reality. As horrific as it is and/or might be, the agony one experiences in hell could be likened to burning one’s hand on a stove. If you could compare that to being at the core of the hottest star in the universe, and being able to feel and experience all of the pain you would from being at the core of the hottest star in the universe, it’d be a fair comparison of the difference between hell and the distortion.

Reality is cool and symbiotic, unless you’re an agent of corruption — in which case reality is brutal and relentless. It must be brutal and relentless with corruption, as corruption destroys life and interdependent systems of balance.

Serving corruption because you falsely equate hell with ‘the penalty you’ll face in the afterlife’ is the biggest mistake you could possibly hope to make.

Again, when all is said and done hell and/or ‘the devil’ is just a parasitic twin. Yes, that parasitic twin can wreak havoc on the body of it sibling, and it has been doing so for (what we’d perceive as) eons, however a defunct life form is no match against reality itself. Serving agents of corruption who are nothing more than structural building blocks belonging to a parasitic twin puts you at odds with reality itself. And that is a battle you lose every time.

Not sometimes. Not half of the time. Not most of the time…


And reality is the perfect calculator. Any imbalance you create or contribute to comes out of you with interest, when all is said and done. Even beings who’ve escaped to hell, who’ve caused damage to reality will be brought to reconciliation once the bond has formed between the two universes.

My suggestion to all — this goes for demons and extraterrestrial beings too — would be to get to work trying to reverse the negative impacts you’ve made on this universe and planet.

I get why most people aren’t afraid of going to hell. Hell is basically like an intense version of earth. It’s familiar — you can adapt to it (so to speak). There is no adapting to what comes after the seal has been formed though. Once you’re cast out of the body of the conjoined twin… after all of the potential that is needed to offset the imbalances you’ve created and contributed to gets stripped away from you… there is no coming back — and no cap to the sheer intensity of the distortion verses your non-being.

There is no relief. No take 5. No company to share the experience with. No memories. No thoughts of moral victory of any kind. Just distortion. It is all you will experience — all you will be conscious of…

…and nothing else.

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.