Ideologues (part 10) How To Control Them

The biggest problem with living your life as an ideologue can be summed into one statement…

When you’re not practiced in thinking for yourself, you become entirely too easy to manipulate.

Ideologues are competitive, narcissistic, greedy, self-righteous little shits. They automatically assume that whatever’s most convenient to them, and to their feelings, beliefs, habits, practices, desires and identities must be correct. Ideologues assume that whatever agrees with them and/or agrees with what they take on authority is right, and that everyone and everything else is somehow wrong, defective, or lacking and incomplete by comparison.

The ideologue’s worldview is based in vanity. “I am good and the others are bad; I am right and the others are wrong.” This outlook factors into everything ranging from narcissism to tribalisms, and even anthropocentrism.

To manipulate an ideologue, all you have to do is a) appeal to their pride and vanity, b) present yourself to them as an authority figure, c) prey upon their fears and insecurities, OR (and pay special attention to this part here), d) use their competitive nature against them by telling them what NOT to do and/or that they can’t do something — perceivably taking degrees of freedom away from them.

Understand and/or choose to exploit this principle, and you can pretty much get ideologues to do whatever you want them to…

So for instance, a while back I put up a post saying that I was gonna start deleting people who micro-aggressed against me by trying to use the “like” emoji as a weapon to undermine and devalue my content with.

Do you know the reason why I put that post up? To see how many people I could get to “like” subsequent content, so as to rebel against, and/or defy me. I did that in anticipation of writing this very post. You see, all you have to do is tell an ideologue that they can’t do something, and they’ll fight you even harder to do it. They believe that they’re “expressing themselves” and “being their own people” when attempting to be defiant, when in fact they’re simply adhering to a mode — a preset way of assigning value to, and processing information and reality.

It’s like: “Nobody I don’t recognize as an authority is gonna tell me what to do!”

You can use ideologues’ competitive and combative nature against them, to make them do exactly what you want them to do. I wanted to make people “like” my content to prove a point about how easy it is to manipulate ideologues into doing what you want them to do. In fact, even on this post, and on posts moving forward, I can pretty much guarantee that ideologues, in efforts to feign autonomy, will “like” content, as motivated by nothing more than desires to show defiance, and passively aggress.

If you examine this principle, at say, the sociopolitical level, then you can get a population of ideologues to defend their own subjugation and exploitation by simply threatening to take it away from them. You don’t even have to hide your actions or intentions from them. You could openly exploit and endanger ideologues, by simply making their exploitation and subjugation part of their group-identity. And in the event that anyone tried to intervene in your attempts to live and benefit at their expense, all you’d have to do is sound authoritative, and state something to the effect of: “This person’s trying to change us and destroy our values and our way of life! This isn’t who we are!” It wouldn’t matter if the opposing party was actually going to make things better for the ideologues. The ideologues would fight tooth and nail to cling to things that never benefitted them at all.

Wanna keep people stupid and exploitable? Turn them into ideologues. Give them labels and beliefs to defend and define themselves by. Give them tribes to claim, and then other tribes to define themselves in opposition to. Give them authorities to defend and define themselves by. Feed their status beliefs, piety, and intolerance for everything that doesn’t reflect their individual and group identities, or the perceived value and worth of such things, back to them.

The ideologue is basically the individual who’s living their life on autopilot — the person who’s living the unexamined life, while letting the social hive mind do all of the essential and critical thinking for them.

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.