Ideologues (Part 9) The Addiction to Winning [1]

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, an ideologue is just an empty shell of a being who wants to win at all costs, irrespective of consequences or reality.

Ideologues don’t want to understand other people or things that are inconvenient to their (mainly status) beliefs and worldview, or adapt to new circumstances and reality. They don’t want to legitimately improve things around them or see, address and then deal with circumstances they’re actually facing. They just want to win and see themselves as winners. They just want to be on the winning team, and to see themselves as heroes and protagonists…

Ideologues want to win first as individuals, and then by way of the respective ideological labels — that is, the groups, relationships, belief systems, fandoms, status markers, regions, cultures, institutions, practices [etc] they seek to define themselves by…

The combination of their attitudes, actions, outlooks and behaviors can sum to five simple statements:

1 — “Unless you represent authority to me, I want my character to be better than your character, and my defining characteristics to be better than your defining characteristics. I want to win!”

2 — “I want to be more important than you, so that I’m justified in benefiting from society and life ahead of you. I want to win!”

3 — “I want permission to consume more from the social troth than all who don’t represent or align with authority in my view — and then to be the authority that dispenses social resources and justice to those beneath me. I want to win!”

4 — “I want permission to live and benefit at the expense of all things inferior to me; and if I don’t recognize you as an authority, then you should rightfully be beneath me, and exist to serve, edify and supplement my life, sense of self worth, interests and needs. I want to win!”

5 — “If you threaten or interrupt my [nebulous and broadly undefined] potential and right to win, or the belief that I am already winning and somehow superior, and imbued with authority for being a type of winner, then you are necessarily my enemy and I must punish or destroy you. I want to win! I deserve to win…”

The ideologue represents the quintessential parasitic mind state — the empty shell of an organism that viral hive minds manifest through, and then weaponize against systems and organisms, in addition to targeted virion (individuals or groups) within the respective diseases…

The hunger…desire…addiction to winning doesn’t begin or end with perceived in-group out-group assessments though. When there are no external enemies or threats to collectivize against, ideologues will search for and then create in-group out-group dynamics from within already established groups — again, indicating that ideologues are always the greatest threat to both self and group.

The reason this happens is because as mentioned in previous installments, ideologues process information and reality through the authoritarian mode, which is a subset of perceptive valuation — the mode of processing information and reality that humans and other viral entities, agents and organisms work through. This mode causes beings to rationalize all things by way of authority first, as the authoritarian mode prioritizes authority (that is, who or whatever represents the power to determine meanings, order and the outcome of events) ahead of observation, authentic experience and reasoning — which is and/or can be defined as considering, organizing and responding to information, ideas, events, circumstances and stimulations in real time.

When or if there’s no authority present, or any need for authority in a given situation or scenario, the ideologue must create authority and then a purpose or need for authority, otherwise, they are without a sense of grounding and motivation.

Again, ideologues just want to win. When there are no contests and no need for contests, they will attempt to create contests or establish grounds for determining contests and ultimately, winning. They’re addicted to various forms of violence, because they’re addicted to winning and seeing things they wish to define themselves by, win…

But let’s go meta with this principle real quick…

I want you to try to imagine reality through the intellectual process of a(n external) virus or disease, and then, the agents it manifests through, by way of motivation…

Virion and viruses just want to win. Virion want to win the game of social hierarchy within the greater system of the virus they operate within and belong to.

And I realize that assertion might be hard to swallow for some, but let’s put it like this…

The entities that make up a disease still are, and think and behave like parasites. That means like all parasites, they desire to consume blindly, and then, to secure resources for consumption, and secure resources away from other parasites within the diseases they operate or function within.

In fact, viruses themselves (as sovereign organisms) just want to win control over the host bodies they invade and work to subdue. And I’m not speaking allegorically here, I mean literally, this is how it works at a mechanical level. Parasitic entities attempt to win contests of authority against both internal and external values they’re seeking to subdue.

And while virion are trying to win against each other, and the disease manifesting through them is trying to win against both the body its invading and seeking to subdue in addition to the virion its manipulating to their detriment, this blind addiction to winning (across the board) causes them to kill not only themselves and each other directly, but the very bodies of the host organisms and systems they can’t function without, and are dependent on for survival.

Simply put, the desire to win makes parasitic beings and entities dumb. It gives them a one track mind that’s easily exploitable, and if not, inevitably self-destructive.

Simply put…

The more you want to win, and the more your life revolves around winning is the dumber, and more shortsighted, deflective, dishonest and emotionally volatile you become.

And this phenomenon doesn’t just apply to humans, it applies to parasites evenly across the respective scales of plane.

Ideologues view reality and all things through a lens of addiction — most notably, the addiction to winning. They always want to see themselves as heroes. They constantly shroud themselves in victimhood narratives because they want to view themselves as underdogs — even when and if they’re in rigged contests that they create and control.

A blinding desire to win is paradoxically the most dangerous weapon both for and against a person.

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.