I’m an Avatar

I’m going to teach you guys a few meta principles tonight, in efforts to help you better understand the predicament humans are facing as a species right now…

We’ll start with me. I’m an avatar. For all intents and purposes I’m like what you’d call an ‘antibody’ for this universe, by proxy of the planet…

I’m the successor of past figures called Quetzalcoatl, Kukulkan, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Gandhi, and the namesakes from a few popular religions.

Something you should know about avatars and antibodies in general is that even though they emerge from bodies of organisms under attack from viral-parasitic beings and presences, they’re not actually properties that belong to the bodies they emerge from.

That is to say, avatars and antibodies aren’t agents of organisms, the planet or universe. They’re agents of reality.

Here’s a bunch of things humans don’t know about reality…

Human beliefs about reality are wildly misgiven. Some speculate that reality might be a simulation, because for some reason, humans believe simulations are types of realities in and of themselves.

The difference between reality and simulations though, is that simulations serve to engage perception (that is, awareness as experienced through the senses and idealized self), whereas reality both is and functions mutually independent of perception and perceptibility.

That is to say, what is actual about reality cannot be perceived; and perception certainly can’t and doesn’t create reality.

The point I’m making here though is that everything humans think they know about reality is born from perception-based reasoning — that is, learning from study, imitation and experience, as opposed to learning from and/or through [having an] authentic connection to reality.

Let me tell you how reality actually is…

Reality can best be described as what humans would call an ‘accountant’.

There are two sides of reality that must remain in balance at all times (*with small margins for error and adjustment), and those are existence and nonexistence. When there’s too much in the existence side of reality, reality must create balance by bringing things to the state of nonexistence, and vice versa…

Now don’t try to wrap your mind around nonexistence right now… It isn’t time or empty space, nor is it the densest mass. It isn’t light, it isn’t dark; it isn’t color or devoid of color… You’re literally ill-equipped as beings to conceive of what nonexistence is or isn’t. It’s a state you literally can’t imagine.

Why am I mentioning all of this though? The reason I’m mentioning this is because I need you to understand exactly how much reality, the phenomenon humans would rightfully refer to as “God” HATES parasites and parasitism.

Reality hates parasitism because they disrupt the balance between existence and nonexistence in a broad number of ways…

Every parasite is like this tiny, self-centered vacuum that siphons energy, potential and momentum from reality. Every disease is like an exponentially multiplying group of vacuums that go around sucking the life and potential out of everything they come in contact with.

Every parasite is stealing balance and potential from reality.

Look here…

On the existence side of reality we’ve got the physical and principle realms of existence. On the physical side of existence is matter. On the principle side of existence is the amalgamation of energy routing, reflecting and conversionary cycles that facilitate matter and the structural organization of matter in the material realm. Principles are what exist on the other side of the material universe.

When parasites live and benefit at the expense of other beings, they’re LITERALLY stealing life force, potential and momentum from reality itself. They’re literally making enemies out of a cold and calculating, unsympathetic thing that they cannot hope to escape from.

Again, reality is like the ultimate accountant. The perfect accountant, really… Not a single fractal of (what humans would likely refer to as) “a cent” goes unaccounted for.

When you live your life as a parasite — as this raging, narcissistic, self-righteous and entitled, contemptible jackass, you don’t just ‘offend reality’… you steal from it. You steal balance from it. And the more you nurture and exacerbate narcissism within yourself is the more ignorant you become to the wide variety of imbalances and deficits you create as you go.

Once you pass on from the mortal coil, you don’t just head straight to nonexistence. You go to the principle realm of existence, where all the voids you’ve created in life, potential and balance are taken back from your principle expression before you’re moved on to a different cycle…

For parasites like humans, reality doesn’t just take back what was taken from life and others. It takes back all the momentum you robbed from it, with interest…

So I want you to think about that long and hard…

As of now, there have been several humans who’ve defiantly stood in the way of reality’s agents through the millennia. It seems many people have allowed their peer groups to convince them that they’re only dealing with mortal men and women. However, something they don’t realize is that what their efforts ultimately sum to is stealing potential and momentum away from reality itself. They’ve stood in the way of reality bringing balance to itself. Such attitudes, actions and behaviors NEVER go unanswered…

Any aggress or ill-will, or violence directed against others, especially agents of reality is directed against reality itself; and those things have DIRE consequences.

As of now, this species is well-intoxicated on itself. It’s addicted to physical and figurative mirrors…

When you’re ignorant of reality, and you steal from reality, or block reality’s efforts to bring balance to itself, reality always takes back what you take or deny from it with interest.

And I can promise you this much… The interest from slowing reality’s momentum alone is more than you could hope to bear in this or any other life or form.

The avatar IS reality giving humans a chance; and not for “moral reasons”, but the sake of balance itself.


I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.

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Donald King

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.