I’m Tired of People Always Trying to Compete

Donald King
4 min readNov 27, 2020


If I had to sum up everything I’m tired of in society, and everything that makes me feel empty and disconnected from people into a single sentence, it’d simply be this…

I’m tired of people always trying to compete against me. In fact, I’m tired of competition in general, and just fucking drained over dealing with all these authority addicts and/or “ultra competitors” who try to turn everything into a contest, and who don’t know how to control their impulse to compete.

You can’t have a simple conversation without some stupid contrarian asshole barging in and trying to assert authority and/or dominate the conversation. They’re not there to understand you or anything, or to reason, or to challenge and expand their perspective, or participate in the discussion. They only want to dominate others — which is why they commit so many logical fallacies, and rarely make sense in anything they say.

Contrarianism is just competing against what others are saying, for no fucking reason whatsoever.

Person 1: “The sun is shining beautifully today.”

Person 2 (contrarian asshole): “The sun shines everyday! Some days clouds might block the sun out, but it doesn’t stop the sun from shining! Open your mind!”

Person 1: “There was literally no reason to compete against what I said, you fucking moron. Are you really so desperate for power that you’ll create contests to be right out out of thin air?”

You can’t perform exceptionally, or present original content, information or ideas without stupid ass trolls (wannabe critics and dissenters) showing up trying to compete against you for attention. They’re not there to understand you, or consider your proffering, or form real opinions or make real value assessments pertaining to what you do or how you perform. They only show up to be disruptive, in efforts to steer the perceived value and attention away from you and your proffering.

In fact trolls and other low-level ideologues (e.g, racists, nationalists, etc) don’t even want to compete against you on fair terms, or in your category, or to ‘defeat you’ using their own power, strength and capability. Their only sense of power comes from making sure others fail, and that those they don’t want to have power are denied power and/or stripped of power for their amusement and satisfaction.

Trolling is just competing against others for attention and/or trying to steer attention and appreciation away from other, for no fucking whatsoever.

Person 1: “Hey guys, look at what I just did (and/or discovered)! Look at what I just produced! I poured a lot of effort into this, and I’m very pleased with my results!”

Person 2 (cowardly troll): “Oh yeah? I remember when I had my first beer too! I thought I was special and doing amazing things, but then reality hit me and I realized I was just 5! Do something really impressive and then maybe somebody will pay attention to you! You’re not there yet! Keep trying!”

Person 1: “There was literally no reason to compete against what I said, or to try and undermine or devalue what I’ve done or presented, you fucking moron. Are you really so weak and pathetic, and so desperate for attention that the only power you experience comes from tearing other people’s proffering — shit you can’t actually do down for your own amusement?”

I think the worst habit of all though is when people try to compete against you on the basis of authority. That’s what I call it when people attempt to invalidate or undermine you or what you’re saying by using things other people said as ideological weapons and/or cudgels to pummel you with…

They have no inherent understanding for the subjects they try correct you on, or direct your thinking to authorities on. They just want dissent against you, and prove to you that you are not the authority on the subject. They’re not there to understand you, or even understand the subject being discussed. Their only concern is competing against you for authority and/or for dominance.

Person 1: “So here’s how I understand this subject, and all the ways in which I’ve been able to effectively navigate through the systems of principles I’ve realized pertaining to the subject!”

Person 2 (cowardly ideologue trying to assert authority): “You know whose work you need to read? You need to study this person and study that person! You need to read this book and that book, and then you’ll have a better understanding for the subject!”

Person 1: “Oh word? Why don’t you explain it for me then… Explain to me why, without even considering anything I’ve said, or asking a single question to know the extent of my understanding on or for this subject, you’ve surmised that my understanding would be enhanced by reading works you can’t even explain the relevance of now. How does your suggestion even factor into the discussion at hand?”

Person 2: “You just read more, and to read the things I’ve read, and to model your intellect and talent after me and how I am! You need to do what I’ve done in order to create a platform for me to shine on in your discourse on the subject!”

Person 1: “So you’re just competitive narcissist then? You’re not even trying to understand me, you’re just trying to compete for authority and/or strip me of authority, so as to protect your inner story. Got it…”

Person 2: “You’re not that special!! You’re not the only one who sees and knows things, you know!!”

Person 1: “So this is about your personal insecurities, and not my level of awareness or understanding for the subject then, right?”

Contrarianism, trolling, arguments of authority, tribalisms, etc… it’s literally all the same shit.

It’s just a bunch of stupid ass, competitive (competition-addicted) narcissistic, cowardly ideologues.

Such people make the world a fucking awful place to live. People need to get that addiction sorted and licked, ASAP.



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