Just A Program(part 1)

Donald King
8 min readJun 26, 2022

If you’re not interacting with information and reality using your innate thought process then you’re not actually deciding on anything. Your mind is offline. A mode…a sentient program is keeping you in a dream state and manipulating your perception of reality in order to use you to execute tasks.

And I know that sounds weird AF, but it’s 100% true and accurate.

Have you ever played a video game where it was you vs the computer — e.g., Mortal Combat? You and the computer both select characters from the same list and then do battle. When you don’t interact with information and reality using your innate thought process, you’re like a character the computer selects and plays with.

Imagine this was Street Fighter and you were playing as Chun-Li — only, you weren’t actually controlling your character, the game was doing everything for you. How long would it take you to realize that you weren’t actually playing the game?

Better yet, imagine you were holding the controller and mashing buttons thinking you were against a live opponent, but when you went to move left your character went right, and when you hit the jump button nothing happened. Now imagine you stopped touching buttons altogether and saw that your character was still fighting. How long would it take you to realize that you weren’t actually doing anything?

Ironically, the answer to this question depends on how narcissistic you are. Because if the computer’s winning with your character, and you’re a narcissist who’s lost in the parasitic mind state — and as a result of that, hyper-competitive, aggressive and greedy, then the only thing you’d care about is winning. In fact, chances are if no one was wise to what was happening you’d likely try to take credit for what the game was doing, or worse, convince yourself that it was you who was really doing it all along.

When a mode is using you and/or performing through you, unless you’re keenly aware of and honest with yourself about what you’re doing and why, chances are you won’t even notice that you’re not in control. You’d just go through the motions…

Which is why if you’re an ideologue (a “believer” — a social automaton) from any group, and as such allow society, via institutions, groups, belief and knowledge systems, trends, authority figures, and manufactured feelings and beliefs, etc, to do all of the thinking for you, then you’re just following a mode. A sentient program is using you as an avatar to self-actualize through.

If you’re an ideologue, you’re not in control of your actions. You’re not the one making the decisions, society (the mode or program) is.

For instance, no party, individual or group, that’s been or is currently involved in the globalization project is making decisions of their own accord. An entity’s performing through them and using them to advance itself as a life form. Ironically, that life form is acting within the parameters of a program that it itself is beholden to. Top to bottom, every ideologue in society is just a tool for a sentient program (corruption, by proxy of society) to exploit towards advancing through stages of development with.

The U.S. Supreme Court and legal justice systems being weaponized against the U.S. populace, inflation, aggressor ideologues from around the world demanding for authoritarian-dictatorial rule (towards satisfying their own bloodlust and *nurtured desire* to unburden themselves of rage), etc — this is all a product of social engineering; which, in the simplest terms, is just a virus attempting to advance its presence and power over a host organism (planet earth).

At the macro level, it’s just a parasite parasitizing…

At the experiential level it’s “the end of the world”, spooky shit and what not…

Once again, this is all biomechanical. Forget about human knowledge systems, and your fancy words and story elements because none of that shit matters. All of that’s just a smokescreen a parasite is using to trick you into serving its interests with.

A virus (society: the virus humans belong and/or are subject to) is making a violent push to claim more of a host organism’s body. Ironically, the agents who are working to advance this push for globalization have chosen to do so in defiance to the system of reality, after reality has called cease and desist to all corrupt activity on this planet so that it can begin (or more accurately continue) the work of fusing two universes together.

This absolutely sucks for everybody involved because it means the normal consequences that’d be dispensed for violating natural organization are going to be multiplied exponentially, as their debt to reality continues to grow at an exponential rate by the zeptosecond…

Again, narcissism and parasitism are the exact same thing. It’s a pathological and/or modal phenomenon. It’s a function of a sentient program that’s performing through people — not just some disorder that a handful of people are affected by. If you were socialized you were trained to be narcissistic — that is, you were groomed to be an agent of corruption.

Every narcissist (ideologue — social drone) believes that their elitist and aggressive attitudes, actions and behaviors are products born from their own thinking and life experiences. They believe they’re in control of who and how they are and what they do. They believe it’s their own thinking that settled on their beliefs and values systems, and that it’s their own cunning and potency that ultimately ensnares and exploits those they prey upon and/or seek to live and benefit at the expense of. They don’t realize that the desire and proclivity to exploit and abuse others is part of a sentient program that exists and functions mutually independent of them.

Even now, at this level of experience, most undiagnosed narcissists don’t realize that there’s already an established pattern of behavior that explains who and how they are and encompasses everything they’re inclined to think, feel, say, do and believe. They don’t realize that there’s tons of literature and evidence that documents their patterns of behavior and proclivities. They don’t realize that narcissism (parasitism) is a program running through them — a way of processing information and reality that they’re simply channeling and/or being hosts for. They don’t realize that it’s a mode performing through them because *agents of disease don’t realize they’re following established patterns of behavior*.

Take for instance a flu virion. Viral-parasitic agents focus almost exclusively on their level of experience, which, more often than not, translates into mindless consumption and the pursuit of self benefit. They seldom think above the level of self interest. So a flu virion practically has no idea that it’s a pathogen, or that the disease it belongs to is simply using it as an instrument to self-actualize through. It doesn’t know that the flu is a classification of virus that can be identified by the types of impacts its agents make on host organisms. This is because a flu virion doesn’t observe, think or rationalize for itself primarily, the disease it belongs to does most of its thinking for it.

The main thing a virion is “created” and/or programed for is competition. The disease’s hive mind pretty much handles everything from there. A disease advances itself by forcing its progeny to compete against each other for attention, authority, access to resources and ultimately survival.

Society: “I will trick humans into birthing AI (their replacement) by using select virion to create social circumstances that will force the entire species to compete for resources, safety and survival.”

A flu virion allows the hive mind of its virus to lead it through a series of steps and treatments that ultimately allow the virus to benefit and progress as a life form at the virion’s expense. The virion doesn’t know that it’s a useless and dispensable thing to the virus, because the virus uses a dream state to control the virion and trick it into believing its autonomous and that its own will and efforts are what drive its actions and progress.

Even worse though, the psychotic dream state the virus keeps the virion suspended in makes them ignorant to the natural consequences associated with disrupting natural organization and stealing potential, momentum and balance from reality, via the systems they invade and destroy.

Like humans and practically all viral-parasitic creatures, a flu virion is wired and/or programmed to compete until termination or neutralization. They’re not designed to actually think, or observe and adjust to reality, they’re engineered and incentivized to compete and consume until they die.

See, y’all think you’re fighting for attention and authority because you choose to.

In reality, society warps your thinking and causes you to believe that you’re “good” and others (those who are unlike you) are “evil”, and that you’re obligated to defeat evil, or more accurately, target others with rage towards cycling, rerouting and concentrating power and resource distribution chains — thus automating society as an entity. In reality, you’re not the one who’s actually choosing to do the fighting, you’ve simply made yourself available for corruption to use as an instrument to express and advance itself with.

Even worse, you’re not fighting against other groups of humans anymore, now you’re up against God — the system of reality itself. The consequences for fighting against God and/or trying to vent rage at God are unspeakable. Human languages literally don’t even have words or concepts to describe the natural outcomes related to such behavior. Like, there’s nothing worse than the consequences associated with it in existence or nonexistence (and yes, again, nonexistence is a system).

And unfortunately reality doesn’t make distinctions between entities attempting to aggress against it and corruption using entities to aggress against it. If you try to square up with God you’re getting broken, period. And you will continue to be broken over and over again until every trace of corruption is thoroughly and effectively purged from you — and that’s before reality starts violently extracting potential from your wellspring (soul) and paying it towards restoring balance and potential to every place you pirated it from.

Reality has no mercy for those who choose corruption, because no one has to make themself available for corruption to use. You don’t have to stay lost in the dream state, in fact reality sends you several wakeup calls (and in case you haven’t figured it out yet, an avatar is in the most literal sense a wakeup call from reality). You’re responsible for everything you do under corruption’s influence in the same way you’re responsible for everything you do under the influence of any other controlled substance.

If you kill a dozen people because you’re high on meth you’re responsible for the lives you take, irrespective of whether or not you were under the influence. This is simply how reality works. Make no mistake about it, corruption is highly addictive. Every part of corruption is addictive. Narcissism (self worship and self-idealizing) is addictive. Competition (attempting to dominate others) is addictive. Aggression (rage-dumping) is addictive. Greed (mindless consumption) is addictive. Assimilating into and calibrating to social hives (being an ideologue) is highly addictive. But nobody has the power to make you partake in or of these things. The choice is yours and yours alone.

And even if the only thing you’ve been exposed to in life is corruption, all people experience moments of clarity — moments in life when reality itself uses intuition to interrupt patterns of behavior while people are lost in the dream state. Reality personally steps in and informs people that their behavior is corrupt (improper; not correct to do), which is why people have “I know I shouldn’t be doing this.” moments. Whether or not you choose to proceed with corrupt behavior after reality intervenes broadly depends on how corrupt your mind, heart and soul is.

The more corrupt you are is the more you learn how to ignore, deflect away from, and even fight against reality speaking.

…and the more you fight that voice…the more you fight reality is the more you multiply the consequences you’ll face for defying it.

I know y’all are wired to compete. I know you love to self-idealize and rage out. I know you think everything’s a game.

This isn’t a game though…



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