Donald King
2 min readJul 1, 2022

Shame makes people do awful things.

It can make people envy and plot against others, or attempt to steal value and presence from others.

Shame turns people into thieves, murderers, predators, rapists and pedophiles, etc.

More than anything though, shame makes people lie.

It makes them lie to themselves and others about who, no, how they actually are, what they do, are doing or have done, and what they’re actually capable of…

Shame makes people cowardly.

Narcissists (people trapped in the parasitic mind state) lie…

Victim-blaming, gaslighting, manipulation, deflection, triangulation, self-justification, self-glorification, self-idealizing, self-accessorizing, etc — these are all just different ways to say “lie”.

“I lie to myself and others to avoid facing reality. I lie in efforts to avoid acknowledging how I actually am and what I’ve actually done.” — Every Narcissist (at both the individual and group level)

Narcissists are full of, yet (ironically) desperately trying to avoid shame.

The fear of shame causes people to concoct and retreat into stories, and work desperately to protect, preserve and promote narratives in which they can claim they’re “good” and others are “evil”.

In reality, the impact your actions make on others and the world around you determines the type of person you are.

In idealism, the stories people believe about you determines the type of person you are.

Shame makes people avoid reality and hold up in idealism, where they are “good” and deserve to consume more than others.

The fear of being shamed, or being in the presence of people and things that invoke shame causes most people to experience violent bouts of cognitive dissonance, which manifest as rage and aggression.

This is what honesty saves you from…

The more you practice honesty (that is, trying to realize, align yourself with and adjust to conditions as they actually are in reality) is the more you free yourself from the enormous anchor of shame.

If you don’t free yourself from it, it’ll drag you to the depths and drown you…



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