Society’s Voice

Society is an organism. Not allegorically, literally…

It has its own consciousness and it projects its own values, priorities, wishes and designs into the minds — the thoughts, feelings, views and imaginations of the agents it performs through. Humans, notably those who live their lives unconsciously and/or who live almost exclusively for consumption, competition, aggression, vanity (narcissism: self-idealizing) and escapism are vacant shells society can use to self-actualize through.

If your mind is offline, underused and/or set to “default mode” then society will possess you and use you as an instrument to advance itself as a disease and life form with, in addition to using you as a conduit to vent rage through.

The main reason why it’s important to understand what society is is because society is based in parasitism. The broad majority of viral-parasitic life forms in the body of this universe trace back to a parasitic twin universe that’s burrowing into, cannibalizing, destroying and transforming the body of its sibling host.

Parasitism is an extension of the greater mode of corruption. All viral-parasitic entities and life forms are, or at least were purposed to be agents of corruption.

Individuals who work to advance the disease of society are in fact in service to corruption itself — corruption being the phenomenon or entity that organized religions refer to as “Satan” or “devil”.

Perhaps a more important reason to understand what society is though is that once you realize society isn’t just the greater communal construct you perform within, but that it’s also a secondary voice in your mind — a voice that you don’t actually have to listen to, which is pitting you against reality in a war that you’re fundamentally unequipped to fight in, you can start recognizing and even hearing that voice whisper to you in moments when your awareness isn’t actively engaged.

Eventually you’ll start noticing differences between the messages and priming that society implants into your subconscious and your own natural thought process. With enough practice you can learn how to differentiate society’s influence from what actually feels intuitively correct to do in reality.

For the record, it’s no one’s fault that we were born into this circumstance. It’s not your fault that you’re a recombinant life form, or that you share your mind with a parasite that links you into a greater network of parasites, who are all being controlled by a consciousness that has the power to unilaterally act against us, and arbitrarily change our individual and collective perceptions of reality. However, it’s you who ultimately decides to give society power over you. It is you who must agree to let society use you to serve corruption.

Look here…

No one has to blindly follow or submit to society. You don’t have to revere social authority over and ahead of reasoning and sensibility. You don’t have to follow trends and groups, or elevate dictums from individuals or institutions who represent authority to the level of truth and reality for all things. You are a life form that exists and performs within reality. Ultimately you are responsible for what you do in reality, because only you have the power to manage the types of impacts you make on reality as a system. Society only has the power to control you through idealism and/or through your imagination. That’s where society (by proxy of corruption) holds dominion.

The more you listen to society and allow it to steer your thinking, and shape your attitude, actions, outlook and behaviors through cultures, through customs and trends, through hope and escapism, with opportunities for social advancement, and by capitalizing on your desire to mindlessly consume resources, and acquire degrees of power, security, comfort and freedom, is the deeper and deeper it’ll drag you into idealism, where it will brutalize, terrorize and condition you to become a weapon for corruption to use against reality. The socialization process is literally designed to crank out aggressor parasites.

Unfortunately, if you allow corruption to use you as a weapon against reality you will pay the full cost for every action you take under its influence, plus interest.

I absolutely promise you that you don’t want to be anywhere near the war that’s waging between reality (God) and corruption (Satan) right now. You don’t want any smoke with reality, period. Reality is the entity or phenomenon that [the individual called] Jesus referred to in his work as “God” and/or “heavenly father”. In fact, it wasn’t actually even Jesus speaking when referencing his “heavenly father”, it was the entity performing through him (what the Christian faith system calls “holy ghost” or “holy spirit”) that was speaking with reference to the entity it was spawned from.

Again, you don’t want to aggress against reality in any way, shape or form, because the material impacts you make on reality and the imbalances you cause, create and contribute to will all get charged back to you with an astronomical “cleanup fee” tacked onto them. And this happens irrespective of the agreements you make with yourself or others — which for the record only exist and hold value within your individual or collective imaginations.

Corruption (Satan) operates from the realm of idealism. It basically hijacks the conscious mind of affected life forms and then uses them to do its bidding. “Possessed” beings are then used to produce recombinant life forms, whose intended purpose is to serve as drones for corruption to manifest and self-actualize through. A recombinant species (or disease) is custom-built and/or “created” to run primarily on idealism, so that corruption can have access to and move in and out of drones at all times. This is one of the main reason for why most corrupt life forms, notably those who work in collectives, navigate reality by means of knowledge-belief systems, ranging from basic customs and traditions all the way to complex technology systems. Corruption informs, shapes and controls the actions of viral-parasitic life forms through ideas it supplants into their subconscious minds.

Corruption primarily controls humans through belief. In the simplest terms, beliefs are ideas — they’re settled upon views and/or agreements that humans make with themselves and each other about how things are in reality. Corruption controls humans through beliefs and belief systems, and through the emotional attachments they form, and commitments they make to defending their beliefs, by proxy of defending their identities — the identity being *the idealized self, which ironically is in itself is a belief.

Belief is limited by and to idealism, and has no power or use in reality. The more you believe is the deeper sink into idealism. The more you lean into pride and attempt to defend your beliefs by proxy of your identity is the more aggressive, cowardly and divorced from reality you become. Conversely, the more you reason, that is, use your mental faculties to suss out what’s most consistent with and actual within reality, and the more you choose honesty, that is, attempting to recognize and align yourself with what’s most consistent with and actual within reality, over pride and escapism is the more you come out of and distance yourself from idealism.

The more synched up with reality you are, and the less you rely on idealism is the less access corruption has to your mind, heart and soul.

I know a lot of y’all out there think I’m just talking, but this is stuff you actually need to know — as again, only you are responsible for choosing which “master” you’ll serve, and the types of impacts you’ll make on reality as a system.

Life doesn’t just end once the physical body expires. You’re operating within a sentient, self aware and inescapable system that you’re currently [though unwittingly] waging war against, which is about to turn its sights on you and strike. Viral-parasitic life forms in this universe and beyond are in league with an entity (corruption) that’s trying to wage war against reality itself. Unfortunately for beings in service to corruption, reality hits way harder than corruption can, and the type of damage it inflicts is exponentially more devastating (the effects of which last way longer than any type of damage corruption could even hope to inflict on anything).

Corruption and reality aren’t comparable in any way, as they’re mutually exclusive things. Even at a conceptual level, idealism and reality are completely different things…

Reality’s a system, whereas both idealism and corruption are simply modes. Reality’s a body and idealism and corruption are both pathological. Reality can sustain without idealism or corruption, whereas idealism and corruption cannot sustain without reality.

And no, idealism cannot sustain without reality. It inevitably turns on and consumes itself from within — something that can be witnessed in real time by simply observing mental disorders such as schizophrenia and narcissism, both of which are and/or represent the apperception consuming itself from within as a result of being fundamentally divorced from, and thus unable to benefit from and self-adjust by means reality.

If you choose to be an agent of corruption then reality will deal with you in the exact same way it deals with corruption — it will destroy you, as it violently and thoroughly eradicates every trace of corruption from your “spirit” and/or your principle scaffold, regardless of how long that takes or how much you have to suffer through the process.

Reality’s at war with corruption. If you choose to be in league with corruption then reality’s at war with you. It’s really that simple. It isn’t a question of whether or not you can win, it’s only a matter of how bad you’ll lose…

None of what’s happening now is limited by and to or for that fact even explainable through existent human knowledge systems.

This is well above your species’ mental pay grade, and attempting to compete against it (as per your proclivity) will only make things much, much worse for you.

You all think you’ve been worshiping God and celebrating your own achievement and potential, and this whole time you’ve been worshiping corruption. You’ve learned to focus more on being likable citizens and/or “characters of interest” than you do on being balanced, autonomous and well-adjusted life forms.

You can either stick with and defend your pride, and the systems of ideas and agreements that you’ve achieved to date, or you can strive to recognize and sync up with reality.

We each get to choose. This is your “free will”…



I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.

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Donald King

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.