The Beings Facing God

God: “Being. You’ve shed your mortal coil and are being prepared to re-enter the cycle of life. What did you live your former life as?”

Being: “I was an antelope.”

God: “What purposes did you serve?”

Being: “Well, I grazed in the tall grass. I ate food, and then expelled material that served no purpose to my body. I had sex, reproduced and nurtured and guided my young to autonomy. I ran for my life and for other reasons related to my general state and purpose for being.”

Human: “Stupid animal! All it did was eat, shit, fuck and make babies!”

God: “SHUT UP! I’ll get to you in just a second…”

God: “You… Being number two. What were you in your former life? What purpose did you serve?”

Being 2: “I was a lion. I consumed animals within my food chain, and then expelled material that served no purpose to my body. I had sex, reproduced, and nurtured and guided my young to autonomy. I ran in efforts to capture food and to avoid being attacked by other life forms.”

God: “Good. Both of you have done well.”

Human: “What the fuck do you mean they did well?! All they did was eat, shit, fuck and make babies! Just wait until you get to me! I’ll show them how it’s really done!”

God: “Since you’re so insistent, let’s get to you then… What exactly did you do with your life?”

Human: “Well first of all, I notice you didn’t ask me what type of life form I was!”

God: “Your aura is dingy and stained. I don’t need to ask you what kind of life form you are. You are clearly of parasitic origin, and with that level of vanity, no doubt a human.”

Human: “Wow. Judging me already? And you call me vain…? Any way, let’s go over all the things I’ve done.”

God: “Actually, I can sum it for you rather succinctly. You destroyed systems and other sentient life forms, gathered and hoarded resources for yourself and group, took pleasure in causing pain, injury, humiliation and suffering to others, destroyed the body of the organism you called ‘earth’ all while trying to win at some stupid game to prove who’s superior among you — as to be determined by who acquired the most resources, and ability to impose their will onto others. You ignored me, and did your very best to block and censor all those who I sent to help you realize yourself and what you were doing, and the types of impacts you were making on me. You pretty much spent your entire life in physical and ideological mirrors.”

Human: “No! That’s not how it went at all! And you call yourself God? Here’s how it actually went! We built technologies to help us better understand the universe and world around us! The other animals were definitely going to eat or attack us, so we caged and ate them first! We achieved because we were superior to the other life forms! In fact, I was superior to other humans! I was very important! People loved and adored me, and mourned my passing!!”

God: “Superior to the other life forms you say? Superior how, exactly?”

Human: “Did you not hear the other life forms? All they did was eat, shit, fuck and make babies!” We built statues and empires! We built computers and roads, and complex information gathering, processing and transmitting systems! Are you stupid or something? How do you not recognize that we’re superior to the other beings?”

God: “Let’s test that out real quick. So, the former antelope only ate, defecated, reproduced and ran. In the process of them doing this, they both fertilized and tilled the soil, allowing for new plant life, and various other types of life forms to emerge from the context they performed within. The former lion hunted animals who were just past their prime, so that ultimately the youth could flourish as healthy structural building blocks for the body of the organism you called earth. The lion killed swiftly, and without anger, malice and unnecessary aggress. Both beings functioned as mutually dependent agents of and within a system of life forms that produce effects that extend well beyond the limits of the planet you came from. The ripple effects of the tiny impacts these beings made respectively reached the organism you call “sun”, which then rippled up to the greater systems the sun belongs to. All just from eating, shitting, fucking and making babies. Let’s compare that to you destroying systems, and murdering life forms and even each other, in efforts to win at a game that only exists in humans (and other parasites’) imaginations. How many systems did you take part in destroying, just trying to gather resources to win at the game of ‘who can look the most important’?”

Human: “I didn’t destroy any systems! Other people did! I just benefitted from what they did! Can’t blame me for nothing!”

God: “You lived your life as an aggressive, competitive little shit. You added to the corruption. Even now, the stain and stench of your vanity is sickening to me. You’re face to face with God, and you’ve cursed and disrespected me. Your attitude alone firmly indicates that you were part of the corruption that is the species that must be purged from existence. You destroyed systems in efforts to perceive things that simply dialing into me, REALITY, would’ve imbued you with understanding for. You kill, injure and maim things for amusement. You judge, starve, brutalize, attempt to punish and destroy beings, and even your own species for AMUSEMENT. Your entire life was given to competition and self-worship. You even made your imaginary relationship with me, GOD, about you and how special you believe you are! You are a garbage life form. You serve no purpose in reality or existence.”

Human: “What do you mean I don’t serve a purpose! I just listed all the purposes I serve to you! Are you not listening to me?”

God: “Your vanity is sickening. You served a purpose to society — who/which ironically, no longer needs you. You serve no purpose to ME, REALITY, as society, and all forms and branches of parasitism serve no purpose to or within reality. You lived for the disease instead of the body. And the impacts you’ve made on me are about to be reflected back to you, and amplified with soul-deafening interest.”

Human: “I don’t care! You weren’t any real type of God anyway! If you were actually a God, you would’ve made it easier for me to keep making things easier for myself, at the expense of everyone and everything else.”

God: “…which is exactly why your mode — your outlook and way of being must be completely purged from existence.”



I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.

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Donald King

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.