One day a large group of rowdy young people wondered deep into a mystical cave. They were drinking Hennessy, snorting coke, painting graffiti on the walls, littering and killing small creatures they happened across. They were yelling, shouting and fighting with one another.

As they got about 500 meters in, and after several twists and turns, they got lost.

Of course, high on the idea of themselves they refused to acknowledge or admit to each other that they were lost, so they just kept wandering deeper and deeper into the cave. At about 550 meters in they noticed a pale blue light coming from behind a tall rock formation. As they climbed the rocks to investigate what the blue light was, they heard a voice say to them: “You need to leave immediately, or else…”

Rowdy Person 1: “Who said that? Show yourself! I bet you won’t say that to our faces!”

Just then, one of the rowdy people reached the top of the rocks, and yelled: “Hey! It was this asshole right here!”

Everyone scurried to the top. Upon reaching the top they noticed a luminescent man sitting in an iron cage.

The rowdy man yells out: “Were you the asshole who told us to leave this place?”

Luminescent Man: “Yes. But I’m no asshole. And be sure to clean up as many messes as you can on the way out, because you will pay dearly for each and every one of them.”

Rowdy Person 1: “Who the fuck do you think you are?!”

Luminescent Man: “I am called an Oscilian.”

Rowdy Person 2: “You mean like from the movies? Hey, this asshole thinks he’s from the movies, lol!”

Oscilian: “I have nothing to do with your media products, or any agreements you make with or among yourselves about me.”

Rowdy Person 1: “Oh yeah? What’s gonna happen if we don’t leave this place or clean up?”

Oscilian: “Then I will hunt you down and extract every ounce of life force from every cellular building block in your body regardless of how long that takes or how badly you suffer through it. I will keep you alive until every ounce of life you’ve stolen from this cave is returned, along with whatever interest is required in order to offset the imbalances you’ve caused. I don’t care if that takes 30 years or 30 millennia, balance will be met.”

Rowdy Person 3: “What the fuck do you think you can do to us? You’re just one man! There are dozens of us, asshole!”

Oscilian: “You only think I’m a man because I’m in this form. Once I’m out of this cage and out of this body you will see my true form.”

Rowdy Person 4: “Why are you in that cage to begin with?”

Oscilian: “This cave is living and sentient being. I’m in this cage because the cave understands that sometimes people and other life forms wander in here and do damage without knowing, so this cage protects people from me while it gives them opportunities to rectify their mistakes, and find their way out of here.”

Rowdy Person 3: “Bullshit! You don’t have any authority, so we don’t have to listen to you!”

Oscilian: “Authority means nothing in this place. Authority’s just an idea that humans have, which only matters in social settings. I’m a function of a system. I’m designed for the sole purpose of hunting down and reclaiming potential from anyone or anything that aggresses against this cave. Now quiet yourselves while I give you instructions on how to fix the damage you’ve caused and then how to find your way out of here…”

Rowdy Person 5: “There’s like 30 of us and only 1 of him! I say we take him! Let’s just break the cage open and beat him to death!”

Oscilian: “Any aggressive action taken or carried out against me is considered a direct threat against this cave. You’re already in well over your heads here, and this iron cage will open soon. Once I’m out of this cage and out of this form, I will hunt you down and impose suffering on you that you have no frame of reference to use for a point of comparison. Every second from this point out counts against you, so be quiet while I give you these instructions.”

Rowdy Person 6: “If your purpose is to hunt us down and kill us, then why tell us anything at all? Doesn’t that get in the way of you doing your job?”

Oscilian: “I’m telling you this information because unlike you, I don’t take pleasure in causing pain and suffering to others. I’m telling you these things because I’m trying to save you from what I’m literally designed to do to you once I’m out of this cage and body. Once I’m out of this form, there will be no negotiations between us, as there will be no way to exchange words. Now be quiet and listen to me…”

Rowdy Person 7: “Hey look everybody! I’m an Oscilian too!”

Oscilian: “Any attempt to compete against me for any reason, ESPECIALLY trying to compete against me for attention is considered an aggressive act of the highest order by the cave itself. And the more damage you do within or cause to the cave is the worse and longer you will suffer by my hand. As a function of this system I’m designed to be relentless and exact, and no leniency will be given to any person for any reason.”

Rowdy Person 8: “If you were really that powerful then you would’ve attacked and destroyed us by now!”

Oscilian: “Yes, it is true that I’m programmed to attack and destroy you, or more accurately, rectify imbalances within this cave by taking life force from those who stole life force from the cave first. However, the fact that I’m in this cage and in this form is the cave’s doing, not mine. It’s for your benefit, not for me. If you break the seal of the cage, or anger provoke the cave to the point that it unlocks the cage early, then you’ll see both what I can do, and then why you never wanted to see what I can do.”

Rowdy Person 9: “Well I don’t believe you! I don’t believe in Oscilians, or space pirates, or Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster, so you can’t scare me with your stupid stories or fake cool demeanor!”

Oscilian: “A belief is an agreement you make with yourself or with your peers. I’m not your peer, and I have no care or concern regarding the agreements you make with yourselves about me. When this cage is open, anyone who’s still in here, or who hasn’t cleaned up their messes before they leave will see me in my unrelenting and fully realized ferocity. Believe me or don’t believe me, it makes no difference to me. You’ve injured this cave and the cave wants full restitution for the imbalances you’ve caused and contributed to. You’re not up against me, you’re up against it, and it’s a perfect accountant.”

Rowdy Person 10: “Aye, we’re just gonna keep going deeper into the cave. Fuck this crazy guy! Y’all can keep talking to him if you want to, but we’ve heard enough of this bullshit! Let’s get back to having fun y’all!”

Oscilian: “Disregarding and dismissing me is considered a direct act of aggression against the cave itself. Trying to turn others against me is considered a direct violation against the cave itself. And every aggressive action carried out against the cave multiplies both the amount of time you will suffer in here, and the amount of life force I will extract from every living building block in your body and soul. Moving deeper into the cave will only cause you to incur more damage than you’ve already taken. Your pride directly correlates to how badly you will ultimately suffer.”

Rowdy Person 1: “Guys! Don’t listen to him, listen to me! I’m the leader here! Everybody just ignore that man, and follow my lead!”

Oscilian: “Listening to any person or group over and ahead of the cave itself, and me by proxy of the cave is considered a direct act aggression against the cave. As I mentioned before, any aggression against the cave (notedly intentional aggression) will be met with an unimaginable backlash. This is a living system. You are hostile agents operating within a living system — a system with structures and rules (principles) that existed well before you entered the cave, and well before you even existed as a species.”

Rowdy Person 11: “That guy’s just mad because he’s lonely!”

Oscilian: “The agreements you make with yourself about me have no bearing on what and how I am, or what I do, and how you will be affected by it. Now if you’ll all just shut up, please… Here’s what you need to do to rectify the damage you’ve caused, and find your way out of the cave…”

Rowdy Person 12: “If you’re really an Oscilian like from the movies, then you need to prove it to me! You should be able to do this, this, this and that!”

Oscilian: “Again, your media products have nothing to do with me. I don’t care about the stories you’ve concocted regarding me and my kind. Furthermore, I don’t prove anything to anyone. I’m giving you insight on how to avoid a terrible fate. That insight does not require me to entertain you, or jump through hoops for you, towards satisfying your own pride and vanity. My job isn’t to verify what you think you know about me, it’s to give you instructions on how to safely escape this cave, or hunt you down and violently extract life force from you if you choose not to listen.”

Rowdy Person 13: “Why should anyone believe you?”

Oscilian: “Don’t believe me. Just look around. You’ll quickly realize the organic structure of this place. Just scale what you see to the anatomy of any life form you’re familiar with, and your own connective reasoning should let you see that I’m telling you the truth.”

Rowdy Person 14: “Somebody needs to humble you!”

Oscilian: “Your pride just cost your more damage than you could possible hope to imagine. And it’s only getting worse by the second…”

Rowdy Person 15: “Yeah, you talk real tough in that cage! Why don’t you come out and talk that shit.”

Oscilian: “I’m literally programmed to seek and destroy entities like you. I can’t wait to be out of this cage, and out of this form. Here’s the thing about you and individuals like you… Even if you didn’t believe me, not believing what I tell you isn’t a license or excuse for you to be aggressive and dismissive to me. Not believing things isn’t a green light for you to behave badly or rudely towards others. Once I’m out of this cage, and once I’m out of this form you will be tracked down, and every aggressive action you’ve levied against the cave, by directing your anger and disrespect towards me will be collected on in full. No one made you act like a narcissistic asshole. It was a choice you made all on your own, as a result of listening to your pride over reasoning. It’s easy to not fear things you haven’t experienced yet. However, any steps you take to ‘burst this piñata open’ will only expedite and exponentially intensify what’s already coming to you. Now be quiet, tell your peers to sit down and shut up and all of you pay close attention.”

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.