The Two Categories

Donald King
4 min readSep 12, 2021


There are two main categories that people of the world fall into right now.

There are the observer-thinkers and the players.

The players are your gamer-competitors — your average minds; those who process information and reality through an outlook of scarcity.

The observer-thinkers are the aware and/or “enlightened” (or aspiring) minds.

The players only want to advance within and win the game of society.

The observer-thinkers are questioning the nature and purpose of the game, and what it’s ultimately meant to distract them from.

The players are hyper-focused on stats, social ranking, rewards, collecting the most coins, artifacts and weapons, and identifying and defeating (dominating, prevailing over) enemies.

The observer-thinkers are studying the mechanism of the game, and recognizing and pointing out salient patterns and schemas for all to benefit from.

The players just wanna compete and win. Everything they think about, say or do somehow fall or circles back to: “Play harder (dominate the field and competition)! Acquire, consume and amass more (get money; flaunt wealth and material possessions — more comforts, more pleasure, more degrees of freedom and more satisfaction)! Improve your social status and ranking (level up, gain authority)!”

The observer-thinkers want to slow things down long enough to understand and get a fix on what’s actually happening to them, and happening in the world around them. They’re asking deeper questions, using connective reasoning, comparing and contrasting information that’s being disseminated by sources for consistency and accuracy, and scrutinizing sources and reports towards figuring out what makes the most sense.

The players want to benefit themselves at the expense of others, and at the expense of the system itself.

The observer-thinkers want to help elevate everyone, including the system itself.

The players are selfish and tribal — and only tribal until it stops being beneficial for them.

The observer-thinkers are generally altruistic, and thinking and making decisions at a level of awareness for the system itself.

The players are running on the program — they’re the automatons (the aggressor parasites; the corrupt cellular building blocks belonging to the disease).

The observer-thinkers have actually reached autonomy, and move and think in spite of the program (they’re neutral, and in some cases healthy cells belonging to the host).

The program can take possession of any player and weaponize them against who or whatever it deems a threat.

The program cannot take possession of observer-thinkers and therefore deems them a threat, and weaponizes the players against them.

The players constantly lie to themselves (deflect, blame, self-idealize, self glorify, trust and defend authority, towards defending their own sense of self worth, and their subsequent “right to consume”) and falsely equate the game and advancing and surviving within the game to reality itself — and thus work to expand gaming and/or make everything fit into and be knowable and solvable by, through and according to gaming.

The observer-thinkers are honest with themselves, and strive to understand and be in sync with reality.

The players are traumatized, and thus highly aggressive, volatile and competitive.

The observer-thinkers are mentally and emotionally grounded and steady handed.

The players are cowardly, and thus hide behind bravado, collectivism, pageantry and deep social acting.

The observer-thinkers (though often scared, uncertain and unsure) are brave, emotionally naked and vulnerable, honest and forthright.

The players hide behind and find power from within groups.

The observer-thinkers are willing to stand alone if being alone is what’s required in order to be in theme with truth and reality.

The players follow the trends.

The observer-thinkers are all but immune to trends.

The players are malleable and impressionable.

The observer-thinkers are principled and steadfast.

The players just want to transfer their rage and other negative emotion, energy and charge into other people and things.

The observer-thinkers want to neutralize rage, negative emotions, energy and charge.

The players run on, and are thus imprisoned by and hopelessly dependent on stories.

The observer-thinkers do not require, necessarily believe in or need to rely on stories.

The players are, and thus think and behave like addicts — they’re controlled by their hunger and lust for things.

The observer-thinkers self-guided — they’re not steered or controlled by external things, or obsessions to acquire or consume them.

The players represent the broad majority of the species.

The observer-thinkers are but a handful of people.

Each person ultimately gets to choose which category they’ll fall into though.

This is humanity’s “free will”…

You get to choose between being autonomous and being an automaton.

If you wanna be autonomous (an observer-thinker) then you have to practice bravery, reasoning and honesty.

If you want to be an automaton (a player) then you just stay cowardly, and keep blindly and thoughtlessly consuming and participating in and defending the necessity for and legitimacy of gaming (consumption, competition, exploitation, status beliefs, war and tribalism, etc).

Now watch this…

The players will either be offended or scared by this breakdown, and thus feel the need to attack (invalidate, destroy, suppress, derail or alter it to make it better-match their inner story) or retreat from (try to ignore, block out, or create consensus in efforts to defeat) it, while the observer-thinkers will recognize, appreciate, celebrate and feel edified by it.



Donald King

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