What I hate About Logical Fallacies

Donald King
2 min readMay 2, 2019


You know what I hate most about logical fallacies? At the root of what they are, they represent an attempt to silence opposition through disqualification. They’re an attempt to defeat others without substantively engaging their opposition on the issues related to points of disagreement.

Attempting to silence others with injury or contempt, so as to invalidate their views without thoughtfully considering and addressing their points is about the most cowardly shit imaginable.

Oddly enough, the principle of defeating opposition without actually facing it is a mainstay of social (viral) organization.

Pretty much every social institution creates grounds for qualification, wherein nonconformists are excluded from participation in discourse, or being considered by those who voluntarily opt into the system(s).

…which makes the legal justice system all the more suspect, in that it’s one huge logical fallacy…

“You are not allowed to speak unless you say it in this way, and/or under these conditions.” effectively translates into: “You are not cannot be heard unless you first acknowledge the fact that how we wish or expect to hearings is proper and correct.”

I want y’all to think about that for a second…

Do you understand the absurdity of that frame, there…?

The legal justice system… the thing that determines life, death, degrees of freedom and the dispensation of resources, is within itself an patchwork of logical fallacies, starting from the root…

Precedent is bias. Bias is belief. Belief exists mutually exclusive of truth; as belief is a facet of idealism, and truth a facet and property of reality. Therefore, any attempt to find or ascertain truth in a system or mode that’s based in idealism becomes highly paradoxical. That is to say, one cannot find truth where truth cannot reside.

Logical fallacies are paradoxes; and paradoxes can only exist (and sustain) in idealism, but not reality.

The committing logical fallacies indicates an outlook of cowardice. The only time people commit logical fallacies is when or if they’re processing information and reality on the authoritarian mode. That is to say, logical fallacies are only committed by outwardly aggressive individuals, who seek to injure and silence all people and things that conflict with their identities (internal narratives), so as to quell feelings of insecurity and uncertainty they experience within themselves.

I hate logical fallacies because they indicate cowardice, and I hate cowardice.

Logical fallacies only occur when people are more focused on “winning”, and preserving their frame of reference than they are understanding and adapting to reality and conditions in real time.



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