What Is An Avatar, Exactly?

You know…

It seems there’s a lot of confusion surrounding the subject of me being an avatar and what not; mostly because people don’t understand what an avatar is, or what it’s supposed to do…

For those who actually want to understand, that is, as opposed to barking at me for not validating your internal narrative, here’s the summary I share on my website:

“So let’s start this with a couple of explanations, so as to lay some foundation and proper framing…

We’ll begin by explaining what an avatar is, or at least is supposed to be, according to how I’m able to see it…

The closest word humans have to describe what I am is “avatar”. I’m sure many of you are familiar with this term, though there are a few definitions for it…

Most of you might know it from James Cameron’s film Avatar, or perhaps from the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the gaming world, avatar is basically the term given to the character and/or the digital automaton that real life players use to navigate through game-courses.

For secularists, philosophers or academics, the term avatar might be used to denote revered figures or “divine teachers” who’ve lived throughout the ages. If you’re of the Hindu faith system, from whence the term derives, then you probably know the word avatar to mean or denote a fleshly manifestation of a deity, or a living embodiment of God or a god.

According to how I understand it though, what the term avatar should be defined as is: “The one who sees through the perspective of God — the one who sees through the perspective of reality.”

Which brings us to the next subject… What is God exactly?

Well so far as I’ve witnessed, God is the phenomenon humans typically refer to as reality.

Reality is actually a sentient being, equipped with a sense of agency. It’s not a creator so to speak, but instead, a living construct — a meta-facilitator, organizer and calculator, in which potential and realization manifest. Not only is reality the source and reason for life, but it’s also the source and reason for balance — balance in essence being the most natural resting state of tensions between polarized states, conditions, fields, phenomena and effects.

All natural life forms, including the bodies of the organisms we respectively refer to as earth and universe, are both products and representations of different forms of ‘manifest balance’.

With respect to the wide, dynamic and varied spectrums and states of balance however, reality’s primary concern and focus is on maintaining the balance between the meta-states humans commonly refer to as existence and nonexistence.

How this all pertains to why and what the avatar is, is pretty simple really…

When there’s imbalance within a given region of reality, it deploys agents to help get things back on track. When there’s imbalance in reality, it sends entities or “living sentient functions” to help distressed or displaced states and beings become realigned with systems of natural organization, or what humans commonly know and refer to as “nature”.

In sum, the avatar perspective is a sentient function of reality that manifests through a selected organism, in a given region during a given timeframe — typically one emergent from a disease and/or viral presence.

What humans commonly know or refer to as antibodies are in fact hosts that agents of reality manifest through, which typically emerge from within diseases, and are used to neutralize diseases and/or help the viral components of disease realign with and reintegrate their coding into the code of natural organization.

I, Donald King am the avatar for this cycle. The avatar perspective is a sentient function — a structural building block and agent of reality, which is symbiotically bound to me. For human beings, the avatar perspective takes up residence in a living host every few generations or so.

So basically, the Hindu view on the subject of avatar is for the most part correct, however, not exactly precise…

In the Christian faith system, the avatar perspective is what’s commonly referred to as “holy ghost” or “holy spirit”…

How it manifests in the person it resides in is as a type of sight. The avatar perspective allows those it functions through to see through the eyes of reality — that is, to see everything in and according to principles.

The best way to describe what humans commonly refer to as principles is as ‘frames of or for existence, which house the routing, reflective and refracting, and conversionary paths potential must take in the process toward becoming energy, force and form.’

Basically, the avatar perspective allows the one imbued with it to see ‘how things are’ without having to work through or as dependent upon theoretical frames, conventional thought paths or discovery, human authority or narratives, or any other thought-product derivative from idealism.

It is in this sense that the Hindu faith system’s belief pertaining to what an avatar is is most accurate, in that a facet of God/reality takes up residence in a living host, and then uses the host to communicate principles of both social and natural organization, so as to help misaligned life forms become whole and in theme with reality again.

What is the point of an avatar then?

Well, the best way I can think to describe it is…

As cliché as it might sound, the point of the avatar is to “enlighten humanity”.

Look here…

There are existing systems and modal paths that are far older, more advanced, complete and complex than the systems humans have achieved through study and theory. As of now, humans are attempting to reverse-engineer reality. They have several working ideas (speculations and understandings they’ve achieved through idealism) about reality, however, in the end, self-interest ultimately corrupts their study of the world and the space and effects around them, and even the principles those things are comprised of.

Humans can’t put the proverbial mirror down long enough to objectively observe reality; and as such, have the fatalistic habit of inserting idealisms pertaining to themselves and their value into what otherwise would and should be objective observation and consideration.

If humans were by themselves in reality, and the impacts of their attitudes, actions, outlooks and behaviors were confined solely to their experience, then that’d be one thing…

But as I mentioned before, there are existing systems already in place. Unfortunately, humans (and all other parasites) are ignorantly transgressing against existent systems in ways that have steep and severe consequences; which will be dealt out by reality itself, on the other side of existence.

Many humans believe life ends at death. Others believe that life goes on, and that they’re going to be rewarded for simply self-identifying by and according to the right ideological teams and systems.

Both sets of believers are dead wrong.

And when humans get to the other side of existence, how they’ll be treated by reality will directly correlate to the impact they made through their individual and group habits, practices, attitudes, actions, outlooks and behaviors.

There is much to explain, and I’m limited on time. According to what I’ve seen, all of the information I’m sharing is critical to the next stage of the life cycle for humans — that is, what occurs after “death”.

Most humans are transgressing against reality in ways they simply cannot comprehend. Others have taken a firm stance against truth and reality, and have opted to defend their identities at the expense of truth, reality and all things. The consequences for such individuals are too steep to capture in human languages.

Individuals and groups who set out to block or derail the path of the avatar, and then those who are aware of efforts to suppress reality and the avatar, but who do nothing to clear the path for truth and reality (as manifest through the avatar), are transgressing against reality in ways that have the absolute steepest of consequences.

Basically, you guys need to learn the ropes; and the theories you’ve built and come to rely on are so far off the mark, in so many ways, that you’re well in route to consequences you don’t even have words to describe.

It’s like you’re dancing blindfolded with earplugs through a minefield. You need a guide, or at the very least, someone who can give you good indications on where all the land mines are. That is what the avatar is and/or represents…

I’m sort of like an answer key. But not to the questions you have right now — not the questions you have pertaining to enhancing and fortifying your social actor — the character you wish to be and sell to audiences, both real and imagined. Instead, I have answers to the questions your identity won’t even allow you to consider or conceive of…”

I write to explain how I see reality through a unique lens that's been afforded to me.