Donald King
12 min readMay 28, 2022


Pathogens…viral-parasitic agents only think, live and breathe for one thing. They’re wired to focus their lives and primary efforts on winning.

“Win no matter what! No matter the cost or consequence, just win! Compete, conquer, dominate, destroy, endure, fight, pay forward, risk, subdue, even if you cheat, just win!”

People compete to win. Competition is the action of trying to dominate and subdue others, or “win”. In the parasitic mind, winning translates into entitlement, and entitlement is justification for consumption: self benefit and exploitation.

In the most basic sense, every illness you experience is the result of ignorant life forms infiltrating and multiplying and spreading throughout your body systems — destroying parts of you, creating imbalances and making messes just trying to dominate each other and territories within you, towards benefiting themselves ahead of each other and ahead of your cellular building blocks.

Whatever illness or disease those pathogens belong to is a life form in competition with you for survival and control over your body. Every disease, pathogen and parasite is, by default of what it is, trying to win contests for power and presence over the host it’s infecting.

Every abscess is the collective effort of a bunch of ignorant, self absorbed, greedy little jackasses making messes within organisms — destroying themselves, each other and the bodies of their hosts in the process of trying to win.

This is what diseases are; this is what agents of disease do…

If you process information and reality through the parasitic mind then all you see, think, hear, smell, breathe and live for is winning.

Everything is a game: a contest for power (the ability to impose will on others), presence (attention) and authority (the power to determine meanings, order and the outcome of events) — authority translating into access to resources and degrees of comfort, security, freedom and satisfaction.

If you’re a viral-parasitic being, or more accurately, when you *choose to live parasitically *(in most instances — not all viral-parasitic life forms have the capacity for choice, but humans do), and thus allow corruption (which is what the viral-parasitic mode sources to) to use you as a proxy, your perceptive outlook gets set to and locked on winning.

When you’re corrupted, it doesn’t even matter what you’re doing or why, you’ve just gotta win…

This is what corruption inspires affected agents to do. As a pathogen your default program is to compete for power and presence until you’re either neutralized, or you exhaust yourself or expire.

And the more you practice narcissism (self worship and self-idealizing), competing (attempting to dominate and subdue others), aggressing (rage-dumping) and greed (mindless consumption) is the deeper and more entrenched into the parasitic mind state you become. The parasitic mind state gives birth to selfishness, which is competing to benefit self first and foremost, usually at the expense of others. Selfishness is trying to win the most for you, damned how anyone or anything is affected by your pursuits, actions and behaviors.

Simply put, the more you think like a parasite is the more you want to compete and win. In fact, the only point of competition is winning. The objective behind narcissism is creating a mind state in which the perceiver is a perpetual winner — always deserving; always worthy and entitled to consume. The objective behind aggression is to diminish and incapacitate others so that the perceiver is the winner and first in line to benefit and/or consume.

For viral-parasitic life forms, everything pretty much boils down to consumption.

The compulsion to win ultimately compromises your reasoning ability, along with your abilities to observe things objectively, employ honesty, have compassion, decency, and any level of self awareness and awareness for balance and consequence. The parasitic mind state ultimately destroys your capacity to think and live mutualistically: in balance with others, the world around you and reality at large.

If you think like a parasite winning is everything to you…

And it doesn’t matter if the game you’re playing is rigged, or even if the game was designed to eliminate you through the process of playing it, you’ll play until you self-terminate because the drive to win compels you to. If you’re of the parasitic mind, you could literally be under attack from global superpowers, and stuck arguing at people from opposing political parties in your region. Nations could wage wars against your country, and can have already infiltrated and weaponized your education, economic, medical and sociopolitical systems against you, and your dumb ass would still be arguing with your neighbor Brandon over whose political party’s at fault.

In fact, the drive to win can be so potent and overwhelming at times that it forces people to keep competing well beyond reason and purpose, even when there’s no hope of winning and nothing to gain from victory.

In such instances, people aren’t competing for the sake of gaming alone, but instead, as motivated by latent hopes or desires to win. In this sense, the drive to win ultimately becomes a prison that most people can’t escape from. In fact, the only times people lost in the parasitic mind state can disengage from competition is when or if they believe they’ve already won, or it becomes abundantly clear to them that winning is impossible; at which point they tend to either retreat and avoid, or accept and assimilate into the power dynamic — more often than not, still fostering hopes to capture power or “win” at some point down the road.

The parasitic mind state is the reason for why most people in the world are so bitter and full of rage. It’s why people are running around searching for enemies to fight, and rejoicing at maliciousness, rage-venting, irreverence and destruction. It’s why people are constantly bickering, and searching for reasons and ways to compete against, dominate, subdue and force their will on others, or create contests or circumstances to compete and win…

In conventional literature, the parasitic mind state is referred to through a variety of terms. Narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc, all refer to what happens when the perceptive outlook shifts to and gets stuck in gaming mode, thus causing affected parties to approach all people and things through a zero-sum mentality.

The parasitic mind state is based in idealism, not reality. Idealism is fundamentally divorced from reality, which means the parasitic mind state is based in psychosis. Psychosis is an inability to distinguish what’s happening in reality from what’s happening within the imagination.

This mind state even causes people to try to create contests within contests that allow them to perceivably win, when or if they actually lose. So a person might construct or assimilate into a belief system in which they win moral victories through material losses, etc.

The parasitic mind state is indicative of corruption. Corruption (which again is a living and sentient entity) is like a program that the parasitic mind state facilitates. Just think of this mind state like a driver you’d install on a pc to host a particular program, e.g., Google Chrome. A driver is a set of files that tells a piece of hardware how to function by communicating with the computer’s operating system. When you download (or resign to) the parasitic mind state, the program [corruption] can access you and use you to do its bidding. It can hijack your imagination and turn you into a weapon.

How corruption chooses to use you can vary. This program can turn you into a mass shooter, a tribalist (e.g., racist, nationalist, religious extremist, gangster, etc), a bully or abuser, a state dog, a tyrant, or turn you into a serial killer or predator, an exploiter or manipulator, a pimp, a capitalist/opportunist, a pedophile, or any other variation of social parasite — someone who seeks to live and benefit at the expense of others or social systems at large.

If you’re an ideologue — one who’s resigned to the parasitic mind state, then you can become any one of these things at any time. Corruption, by proxy of society, can weaponize you against who or whatever it wishes to target — i.e., The Matrix turning regular citizens (institutionalized, unconscious minds) into “agents” to attack non conformists and other citizens with.

Have you ever wondered what makes somebody keep trying to acquire wealth well after they have more than they could spend in a hundred lifetimes (greed: mindless consumption)? Even with economies and the world around them collapsing, even with widespread poverty and countless people dying, they keep trying to win and capture more power for themselves. Why? Have you ever wondered what makes globalists’ hearts so cold and dispassionate — what allows them to focus solely on the objective of benefiting themselves at everyone else’s expense? What about rapists or pedophiles? How does someone’s mind block out, or even find pleasure in victims crying and screaming in pain? What about abusers? What about enslavers? What could make a person’s eyes blind, mind closed and heart numb to the pain and suffering of innocent people — innocent children?? What could make someone believe even for one second that their status beliefs invalidate someone else’s right to autonomy, safety and life itself, and that their personal comfort takes priority over how others are affected by their actions and behaviors in reality?

In a word: corruption.

When you’re hosting corruption you’ll always want to forcibly strip others of power and presence: always wanna fight with or define yourself against somebody, always wanna compete for attention and authority, and always wish to dominate, destroy, subdue and humiliate others. You’ll live in perpetual states of fear, reactivity and trauma (which again, is an extreme phobia of disempowerment). You’ll rush to claim power, victory and superiority over others, and rush to glorify, idealize and benefit yourself while diminishing: vilifying, smearing and deflecting onto who or whatever you seek to define yourself against — all of which serves to increase your opportunities to consume. You’ll attempt to use competition as a medium to vent rage through, because as a viral-parasitic life form (an entity with the capacity to host corruption) this is what the program compels you to do.

If you’ve been socialized then you’ve been corrupted — that is, you’ve been programmed to host and serve as a function and agent of corruption. Irrespective of your self image or how you’re revered by those around you, this statement is true.

Virion compete to win. Virion compete until they either meet their objective, self-terminate or get neutralized. This means even if you win whatever contest or campaign’s directly before you, there’ll be no lasting peace within you because the conflict wasn’t actually with or within your enemy, it was in you all along.

In rare instances virion become self aware, and then choose to uninstall the parasitic mind state, which precludes them from hosting corruption.

The goal or subliminal thought behind winning is to transfer rage into others by virtue of stealing power and presence away from them, and/or empowering self at the expense of others.

If you choose not to think for yourself and to not observe or conscientiously participate in reality, and to instead allow your social programming (trends, cultural conditioning, authorities, pride, feelings and beliefs, peer groups, methodologies, modes and social systems) to do all of the thinking for you, then you resign to being an agent of corruption.

And as a pathogen you might not see a problem with any of this…

Maybe you wanna go out in a blaze of glory, in essence winning the moral contest that was either constructed within or supplanted into your imagination, pertaining to whatever you determine or were told your life’s purpose and mission is.

Soldiers, gangsters, law enforcement, racists and nationalists: aggressor ideologues most certainly don’t seem to mind risking or even sacrificing their lives in service to ideals and identity features.

However, focusing exclusively on winning becomes problematic when it can be weaponized against you. Let’s bring it down to the experiential level…

For instance, if someone knows that your intelligence is limited and easily compromised because you’re wired to compete to termination and/or win at all costs, then they can create and control contests that they know you’ll participate in and try to win — which means there’s no scenario in which you’re not their slave, puppet, weapon, and extension of their will and designs.

It goes even deeper though…

Your programming makes you very easy to manipulate and exploit, because it prevents your mind from processing information and reality correctly.

If you can’t focus on anything beyond winning then you can’t have proper conversations with anyone, or consider alternative information, views and perspectives. When all you see is winning, then all you’re looking for is reasons and ways to defeat positions that don’t readily agree with what you think, feel and believe. That means you don’t know how to ask proper questions or employ higher thinking skills and techniques, and that you only know how to fire postulations, talking points and claims at things that don’t edify your sense of authority on matters.

In your mind, knowledge is a weapon — a thing to defeat others with, as opposed to an instrument you use to enhance your understanding and awareness for the world around you with.

That means you can’t learn anything properly or understand anything that isn’t local and convenient to your conditioning, proclivities and present worldview, because all you practice doing is attacking and trying to defeat, dominate, invalidate and destroy whatever doesn’t reflect your identity and identity features back to you.

If you’re a viral-parasitic life form, then of course you think everything boils down to contests — to battles between opposing forces. Of course you think in zero-sum terms. Of course you’re cowardly and see everything through a lens of scarcity. Of course targeting people with rage and imposing your will onto others makes perfect sense to you. Of course you think everything boils down to winners and losers, heroes and villains. Of course you think contests create and dictate reality. It’s how you’re wired — it’s how you’re programmed.

If you’re of the parasitic mind, then watching soldiers and superheroes destroy cities and murder citizens in the process of “defeating bad guys” makes perfect sense to you. Sports championships, heroes and stats make perfect sense to you. Political parties, systems and authority make perfect sense to you. Economies (systemic parasitism) make(s) perfect sense to you. These things don’t reconcile or make sense in reality, but in idealism, the space in which you can project meanings onto mechanism, phenomena, affects and effects, it all makes perfect sense…

Let’s go a bit deeper with it though…

What happens when someone points you at another person or group and tells you that they’re your enemy?

For instance, what happens if you’re white and someone tells you your enemy is black, and all you know how to do is follow your programming and compete to win? Would it even matter if the enemy someone pointed you at didn’t have the numbers, firepower or resources to actually pose a threat to you? If the only thing you did was blindly follow the mode, then would you even care if you were the villain in that scenario if it meant you had someone to compete against and dominate?

What if someone could make you focus solely on winning a stupid contest they created to distract you with, while they created and were dominating you in another?

Even worse, what if someone or something else was doing the exact same thing to them, and making them focus on beating you while they were being defeated in another way?

What if somebody could make you compete against and try to defeat allies, maybe even friends and family members in your quest to satisfy your lust for winning?

The point of trying to “awaken” people is to snap them out of this mode — to help them learn how to use and rely on their innate thought process, as opposed to allowing the program (corruption, via society) to process information and reality for them.

An addiction to winning makes you dumb, exploitable and very easy to compromise.

Do you know the way out of the mode — how to break free from your programming?

You use reasoning and honesty to help you sync up with reality and find your way out of idealism.

Most people believe that they compete because they want to, when in reality, not thinking for themselves — that is, not processing information and reality through their own minds, and instead allowing society (the program/mode/hive mind) to process information and reality for them, makes them vacant shells for corruption to self actualize through.

In other words, you don’t compete because you want to, the program is actually competing through you. It’s using you as a weapon against reality, fully aware that you will pay the full cost for all of the damage you cause, create and contribute to under its possession.

Competing isn’t something you actually decide to do. Choice occurs when you consciously decide not to compete. And that doesn’t mean concession, or resigning to defeat, it’s simply choosing not to play the game of ‘forcing will onto others’. You actually enact “free will” when you decide not to compete.

This is the principle behind ‘turn the other cheek’…

“Do not compete; do not try to win. Show that you cannot be baited into competition, towards validating the stupid contest playing out in aggressors’ imaginations.”

When all you know how to focus on is winning, there’s no scenario in which you don’t ultimately lose.



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