You’re A Rage Addict, Aren’t You?

Donald King
4 min readNov 28, 2021


Be honest…

You’re a rage addict.

You’re addicted to releasing your anger and frustrations into people and things, aren’t you?

You get excited at the thought of stealing power from others, and by seeing people and things made to suffer, or be humiliated, injured, diminished and destroyed for your amusement and satisfaction, don’t you?

You like seeing people judged and punished, right?

Who or whatever says you’re right to be angry and vengeful, and to fight people to satisfy your sense of justice sounds reasonable to you, don’t they?

They’re just “telling it like it is”, right?

Who or whatever says you’re the good guy and that “justice” is tantamount to you channeling your rage into whoever you call wrong or evil makes perfect sense to you, don’t they?

You’re constantly looking for ways to dump your anger and frustrations into people without getting caught or looking guilty for targeting people with your animus, aren’t you?

If some instrument, device or trend gives you the power to attack, devalue, diminish or destroy other people and things then you’re gonna find some reason or way to use it, aren’t you?

I bet you never even thought about any of this before, have you?

That’s one of the main reasons you’re an ideologue, right? As long as someone or something says you’re good and that those who aren’t like you are bad, then you’re justified and wishing ill upon, and experiencing satisfaction from seeing those you deem bad become targets for rage.

It’s why you’re a racist/nationalist, right? It’s why you’re a social justice warrior. It’s why you’re a democrat or republican. It’s why you’re a religious zealot. It’s why you’re a misogynist or a feminist. It’s why you rush to join and fight for causes and belief systems, isn’t it? As long as there’s someone to define yourself against then you’ve got an excuse to focus your rage at somebody.

You don’t really care about equal treatment for all people, do you? Social justice is just an edifice you hide behind and use to channel your own rage through, isn’t it? You don’t actually want to solve problems related to social disparities, because then you wouldn’t have an outlet for all that rage you keep nurturing within yourself, would you?

If you’re a racist you’re not actually “fighting for your people”, are you? No, what you’re actually fighting to preserve are social structures that make it possible for you to unilaterally target select groups with your rage, without facing consequences. You’re fighting to preserve “your right” to transfer your rage into targeted people unopposed…

That thing you rushed to criticize and devalue that you can’t even explain or hope to reproduce? You didn’t even find fault in it, did you? An opportunity simply presented itself for you to target something with your rage and you jumped at it, didn’t you?

That celebrity you were so outraged by, who said or did something other people called offensive? They didn’t even ruffle your feathers, did they? You don’t really give a shit about what they said or did, do you? Other people being mad was all the excuse you needed to vent your own rage, right? An opportunity presented itself for you to unload your negative emotions and dump all over somebody, and you leapt at it didn’t you?

That person you injured physically, psychologically or emotionally with that prank? You did it because injuring and humiliating them felt good, right? The prank was just a cover for you to vent your rage at somebody, wasn’t it? It wasn’t done in love or jest, you tried to injure somebody to amuse yourself. Getting high off of dumping your negative emotions into someone took priority over you demonstrating any awareness for how the other party may have been affected by your behavior.

That crass politician who spewed nothing but blame rhetoric, demands for punishment and accountability? You didn’t even understand their policies or agendas, did you? You don’t know who they’re actually affiliated with, whose interests they represent, or why they were selected as authority figures over you, do you? They only made sense to you because their rage matched your rage — their desire to take from others to benefit themselves matched your desire to take from others to benefit yourself, and their desires to see others injured, punished and humiliated for their amusement and satisfaction matched your desire to see others injured, punished and humiliated for your amusement and satisfaction, right? Beyond rage, you have nothing in common with them, do you? You like them because their level of corruption matches your level of corruption, right?

You want power and authority over others, and to make others bend to your will and adhere to rules and authority structures because forcing your will on others is how you transfer your rage into them, right? Taking somebody’s free will away from them isn’t about “keeping everyone else safe”, it’s about you using situational power to target someone with your rage, isn’t it? You don’t care about anyone’s safety or wellbeing, you just want to use authority as a weapon to injure others with, don’t you?

See, you can lie to yourselves and to each other all you want about your intentions and motivations, but you cannot lie to reality. Reality understands your motivations even better than you could possibly hope to.

The fundamental essence of corruption is rage. Agents of corruption derive pleasure from releasing rage into things.



Donald King

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